What attracted David Wilson to Muay Thai?

David Wilson – As a Teen, I was a Dragon Ball Z Fanatic. I was involved in track and football since middle school, but never really considered any fighting sports. After excelling in both track and football, I also thought how well would I do in combat. I considered MMA, but thought it may be a little difficult due to grappling. I wondered If I had the skills to protect my self within a combative scenario. I tried a boxing class in Tallahassee Florida and enjoyed it.

Tell us about yourself (single/married, kids, career, hobbies).

As of right now, I am seeking a spouse, but we have not gotten serious yet. I have no kids, and I am currently a Laser ingraver at Spikes Tactical Rifle Company.

What surprises people about you?

That I enjoy learning.

How long have you been training in Muay Thai?

For three years.

What drives and motivates you as you train for your fight and what is it about Muay Thai that inspires you?

I am always willing to push myself just to see how far I can take it. I am inspired by the art form that exist within it.

What are your goals?

To become a fun fighter to watch and to gain financialy as much as my dilligence allows.

How has Muay Thai changed your life for the better?

I have found a way to vent.

What is a fun fact about yourself?

I still enjoy activities that I did as an elementary student.

Shin Do Kumate - We Don't Tapout We Knockout

Cyrus Washington with the Fight Academy

Cyrus “Black Dynamite” Washington Ranked #8 in the World is Making a Statement at Shin Do Kumate XVII Fighting Against Alex Berrios

Top World Class Fighter – Cyrus Washington is ready to win his bout at Shin Do Kumate XVII versus non other than another Top World Class fighter. Alex Berrios a multiple title holder and well rounded  Muay Thai fighter representing Tampa Muay Thai. This match will take place at the Bradenton Area Convention Center on August 20th, 2016. Tickets are also available at Ticketmaster and Strykerz.com. For military, student, and city employee discounts, contact our corporate office at (727)573-8533. This match will determine who is ready for the Quest for the Greatest Martial Arts Warrior.


Top World Class Fighter – Cyrus Washington aka Black Dynamite

Top World Class Fighter - Cyrus Washington - Muay Thai Ranked #8 in the world Black Dynamite – Cyrus Washington who is currently ranked # 2 in the US and # 8 in the world. ‘Black Dynamite’ has won various titles which include the WKA world championship, WMF Intercontinental Championship, Bare knuckle Championship in Myanmar and is a Former US WBC Super Middleweight Champ.

“My background in traditional martial arts has made me who I am today. As far as my wins by knock outs, which I do have a lot of knock outs from a back kick, which is not really a part of Muay Thai, but all the hard work and dedication to the sport. All the hundreds of kicks I throw a day, the Knees & Teeps, that is what I feel has moulded me in to the fighter I am today.”

Cyrus Washington’s accomplishments:

  • Black belt in WTF Taekwondo
  • Myanmar/Burma Bare knuckle Champion
  • 2 time PK-1 international champion
  • 1 time WPMF champion
  • Fought in Kings Birthday/cup 2008,2009
  • Queens birthday 2009
  • Toyota tournament 2010
  • Enfusion Kickboxing Reality muay thai Series
  • The challanger Reality muay thai series
  • The list of countries Cyrus has competed in includes; Suriname, America,
  • Australia, Russia, China, Thailand, Uzbekastan, Hongkong, Malaysia,
  • Myanmar/Burma

Additionally Washington ‘Black Dynamite’ has competed against some of the biggest names in the sport, including Jomhod Kiatadisak, Cosmo Alexander, Kaoklai kaennorsing, Nieky holzken and more.

About Top World Class Fighter – Cyrus Washington

I started Kenpo karate at around 5 years old with a friend of my moms who was into it and had been doing it a while. I was hooked even before that because I loved martial arts flicks; yes the wing chun kung fu ones. At 10 years old I was signed up as a birthday gift into WTF taekwondo and did that for 3 years – obtained my first degree black belt. After that my focus was split somewhat on girls, the streets and school sports (which I was always an above average athlete so regular sports were easy). In 7th grade i remember we did that thing where they say: “what do you wanna be when you grow up?” my answer was clear – “kickboxer”.

During this time my uncles (all 3) were boxers and one was a former pro boxer, he taught me to box – just the basics and then in 12th grade I started boxing at a local community center for about a couple months. I did more boxing about 5 years later and an amature boxing match which I won.

I did alot of training with a guy who “suggested” I could be ready for K-1 max in a year but he was full of shit – and was making money off me. This was my first lesson in the fight game and doing things for yourself.

While in school and then after school was finished i was getting into trouble like my peers and that was just normal for us, in our lives.
I got in to lots of trouble got sent to the Handlon Michigan Training unit for a while ,it was a place for troubled young men, got there and at first I was on the same path until after a while I started to change and realized there was a whole different world out there that I didn’t know about and wanted to check out. I decide K-1 was what I wanted to do, to be with the big boys. At this time I was 202 lbs from eating good meals and going to college and lifting like an animal. I could squat 505 lbs for 2 reps,real squats not half way or sissy squats.

I got home in 2005 turned pro in 2006 and have been in Thailand Fighting for the past 3 years. Ive had over 50 pro fights now and still have a lot to achieve and more fights to have. I am 43 wins 13 loses in Pro Muay Thai career – Including Fights at the Kings Cup, Bangkok and even Bare Knuckle fights in Burma (won a bare knuckle Burmese fight championship title),2-time wpmf pk-1 international champion.

Scott Farhat - Strykerz - Males Striker

What attracted Scott Farhat to Muay Thai?

The effectiveness for striking unlike pure boxing where there are limitations.

How would you describe our fighting promotion Shin Do Kumate?

Taking all the striking arts and combining them into one spectacle that can be seen in a sport

What was one of your favorite fights?

Jason Valle vs Michael Strippling

How long have you been training in Muay Thai?

7 years

What is your favorite part about training for a fight?

The feeling of improving for a competition.

What is the hardest part about training for a fight?

Sacrificing time for my family

What are your goals?

Retiring from professional MMA to focus on Muay Thai

What inspires you about Muay Thai?

The hard work and dedication that goes into it

How has Muay Thai changed your life for the better?

Teaches me to fight through my struggles and over my fears

What is a fun fact about yourself?

Former corrections officer for Dekalb County Sherriff