Simon Marcus - Strykerz - Male Strikers

Simon We are excited to bring you Simon “Bad Bwoy” Marcus’s Fighter Profile. Simon fought with our promotion on the Shin Do Kumate XV card in 2008. It was an amazing fight with a great display of Muay Thai elbow techniques. Aaron Meisner gave a lot of heart as well during the bout, but Simon was victorious.

1. What attracted you to Muay Thai?

Simon “Bad Bwoy” Marcus  always liked fighting and sports as a child and idolized wrestlers. After trying Muay Thai for the first time, the culture and art captured my interest.

2. How would you describe your experience fighting in Shin Do Kumate?

Shin do Kumate was one of my first professional fights and definitely first one to be aired. It was an amazing experience at the time and I felt good with my performance and development at that stage in my career. It was a good step for me.

3. What was one of your favorite fights?

One of Simon “Bad Bwoy” Marcus favorite matches was my 3rd fight against Joe Schilling in Glory. It was a tough battle with a lot to overcome but I pushed through until the end and gave it my all. I didn’t come out with the victory that night but I learned much from the experience and became a better fighter from it.

4. How long have you been training?

Simon “Bad Bwoy” Marcus started training in Feb 2005, so about ten years

5. What is your favorite part about training for a fight?

My favorite part is the concentration and focus you have to put into your every movement. Although as a pro your training everyday, when you’re in the moment time slows down because you’re focused on every movement and breath.

6. What is the hardest part about training for a fight?

To push yourself to you limit time and time again. To be your best time and time again. Basically to keep the same drive as when you started.

7. What are your goals?

One of my current goals is to become Glory Middleweight World Champion and dominate as I always have. Also, I want to bring more popularity to Muay Thai and kickboxing making it a premier world sport.

8. What inspires you?

Being the best. Watching my dreams come true

9. How has Muay Thai changed your life for the better?

Completely. Muay Thai has given me a direction and an outlet to express myself. It has taught me the importance of discipline and being honest with yourself. In other words, Muay Thai has made me face myself in many ways and transform into a greater me.

10. What is a fun fact about yourself?

My first love before Muay Thai was basketball and I was dominant player in high school. I’m also a good musician and enjoy making rap music.