Lloyd Walton vs. Warren Thompson

Pro Muay Thai Fighter – What is up people?!! I know its been a minute but I was completely focused on making my dream a reality. Let me first say that this might turn out to be long winded but I have so much to say that it has to be a complete thought. If you’ve read my blogs in the past then you might know that I wasn’t at first planning on fighting and I actually started fighting in the amateurs in my 30’s, a late bloomer. I didn’t expect anything so I wasn’t out there looking for a team or a manager or even a coach, I just decided to work my ass off and choose a few people that I could trust. It was a great decision. It led me to three amateur championships and the ability to train others, and to meeting some incredible people along the way.

At this point I knew I really wanted to fight in the pros at least once, but a couple of things came to mind when I would think about doing it. First off nobody is looking to throw an over 40 fighter on their fight card unless they are looking use that person as a stepping stone for their younger fighters. The second thought that would come up is how can I find time to train like I need with my schedule and hectic life, regardless of my dream, I have family responsibilities as well as coaching others to help them achieve their dreams. Then I would have worries about the ability to compete on a high level, am I too old? I looked to Bernard Hopkins, Dan Henderson, as well as a long list of other over 40 fighters that used their knowledge to compete against younger fighters, I mean have you seen Hopkins vs Pavlik?

Pro Muay Thai Fighter
The signing of the contract- Pro Muay Thai Fighter

Okay so after I finally made my decision, I realized that nobody was planning on adding me to their already full cards. And then it happened, Master Mehrdad Moayedi a former fighter and the first promoter I ever fought in the amateur for gave me a call and offered me a fight. I was close to giving up on the dream and focusing on just being a coach. I would have forever been hanging over my head if I didn’t get the chance. I signed the contract and so it began.
Camp started and I was indeed rusty but hungry nonetheless. I started running regularly which is crazy for me because I almost never ran before my amateur fights but I knew that I had to have good conditioning otherwise I wouldn’t make it and beyond that I wanted to train like a professional and fight like one. I worked tirelessly doing pads, strength and conditioning training and sparring with some friends and some monsters. It was all grueling to say the least and then it happened, my first opponent dropped out with an injury but something told me just keep training it will work itself out. I was right within a couple of days I had a new opponent and the motivation  was back one hundred percent. I was more focused then I had ever been but in sparring I wasn’t as active or effective when I was active. I had no movement and that was the key to me finally raising my level. It had been a while since I have fought and I had become comfortable standing in place and countering during sparring but because of that I had become complacent.

Pro Muay Thai Fighter
Pro Muay Thai Fighter Kru Dave Gomez, me, and Remy Bonnell

Lesson learned, I began studying a fighter by the name Rayen Simson, a Dutch champion that had beaten the likes of Ramon Dekkers and I thought for sure this is my style and using it would allow me to become more fluid. Sparring got better.

The date was rapidly approaching and I was starting to become more and more irritable, as well as nervous. The closer to the fight the less nervous I got, I started to believe and enjoy the moment. I have been dream chasing for so long and it was finally here and then the last two weeks came and it started to get crazy. I had sent in my medicals however the boxing commission wanted a CT scan of my brain and an Ekg which wasn’t presented to me. Talk about freaking out, I was lucky enough to pull some strings and get some favors in order to get it done and it wasn’t until the weigh ins that I actually got the final Ekg results. That was the least of my worries though because 2 days before the fight my opponent pulled out. At the moment I received that message I was in the middle of dealing with some other things and I was devastated. I felt as if all the air had left my body and I was sick to my stomach. I had finally made it but it was not to be. All I could think about was all those that had helped me get to this point, people donated their time and energy and money all for me to fulfill a dream and it would all be for nothing.

The next day the news came that I would have an opponent and it wasn’t what I had wanted by any means. The new opponent was a friend of mine, Warren Thompson, his opponent dropped out as well. We had fought each other in the amateurs and had a beautiful fight we displayed good technique and had gotten cheers from the crowd after the fight. Since that time we had become friends so now what? We both took the fight with reservation. Neither of us wanted to fight each other but we both have dreams. It was necessary and quite possibly the best and worst outcome of our situations. When I walked into the weigh in we saw each other immediately and both threw our hands up as if to say what the “F” is going on. We shared a few laughs and decided that this would be the last one against each other. Warren is a one of the good ones out there a true martial artist and a legitimate Muay Thai fighter.

Pro Muay Thai Fighter
 Pro Muay Thai Fighter

Now as for the fight, it was amazing. I was able to display my skills on a high level and it was an honor to do so. I had an amazing time having my family there as I had reached my long time goal. My friends made the trip and cheered loudly and I loved every minute of it. The fight wasn’t judged in my direction and that is a little upsetting but the reality of it is that I gained more just walking to the ring than any one win could have given me. I accomplished the seemingly impossible. I had an idea years ago and began to follow it and little by little it grew and at times it wilted but I never gave up hope. The pursuit itself was enough to be proud of but what I can truly say now to my kids and others is never stop chasing your dreams.

Pro Muay Thai Fighter
Pro Muay Thai Fighter – Landing a right hand which was working for me that night.

Dreams are not un-achievable ideas they are the vision of the achievable. I remember Kevin Garnett after winning the NBA championship with the Celtics after years of perseverance and the pain of never getting there and he screamed into the microphone a phrase that I always repeat in my head over and over, “Anything is possible”.

Lucky Lloyd Walton (Pro Muay Thai Fighter)

Special Thanks to: Romeo Montana and Sarah Zdanis for giving me their time in training and cornering me. Jorge Vargas and William Candelario for the padwork. Jex Fontaine for just basically being a bad ass and expecting the same from me. Jolie Glassman and the entire gym for all the support. My sparring partners Dave Gomez, Remy Bonnell, William Candelario, Romeo Montana, and that one time I sparred that UFC fighter Alex Garcia. Juan Lazcano Trevino for always being the source of good energy and hooking up the hotels. Also Danny Silva for giving me another place to train. Master Mehrdad for the opportunity. The whole LMT crew for believing in me. Last but not least my family for putting up with what some might call a silly dream and everything that goes with it, mood swings and all. I Love you guys!

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Stephen Cummins vs. Vincent McGuinnes - Shin Do Kumate XVI

Muay Thai Fights. October 9th was the night the Ancient ones returned to the ring to determine who was the greatest warrior of all time. Eight amazing  Muay Thai fights and sixteen hungry for blood fighters.

Bout one brought lots of energy from both fighters coming out into the ring. James Alexander from the blue corner and Mitchell Chamale from the red corner. Both fighters were very calm and ready for the bell to ring. Both came out strong and cautious, feeling each other out and not taking to many wild shots. Chamale broke that by coming with strong boxing which caused Alexander to return fire with a strong shin kick to the head. In a split second we see Alexander go down and holding his eye. While both fighters wanted to continue the fight the referee ended the fight in 56 seconds in the first round. Giving Mitchell Chamale from the red corner the win by TKO.

Amos vs Johncy Lindor - Muay Thai FightsBout two brought Johncy Lindor to the blue corner and Amos Merriweather to the red corner. This fight carried the same energy as the bout before it. Both fighters starred each other down from their respective corners. When the bell rang, Lindor came out deciding to his technique to feel Merriweather out. Merriweather came out strong, throwing lots of spinning back fists as well as spinning back kicks. Sadly these the constants spinning slowed him down and Lindor was able to land some heavy hits to the head and body, throwing Merriweather off his rhythm each time. Round two and three picked up with Lindor coming out of the corner like a bull. Lindor pulled a good combo of two strong hooks to head and body followed by a strong shin kick to the side bringing Merriweather down. Bout number two ended by another TKO win in the third round. In 1 minute and 38 seconds round three is done and Johncy Lindor out of the blue corner has won.

Bout three was the first fight of the night that was brought to the judges for decision. We see Michael Stripling in the blue corner and Jason Valle in the red corner. Stripling looked ready to fight, while Valle kept himself calm and collected. When the bell went off both fighters flew out of their corners and into the fray. Both at the beginning favored their boxing skills and then towards the end of the first round we see Stripling start to utilize the clinch and throw some knees. In round two Valle came out stronger and made sure he was first with all his technique trying to throw his opponent off. Stripling did a good job of using his longer frame to keep Valle away as best he could. If Valle made it within strike range then he would get wrapped up in a clinch and take some knees to the body. By round three both fighters were tired, but kept going strong trying to win the judges. With the last thirty seconds of the fight just clinching we ended the fight waiting for the judges to make their decision on the winner. When the score were tallied they had decided in favor of the blue corner Michael Stripling.

Bout four brought Skylar Hastings to the blue corner to the numerous screams of his supporters, we also see Joseph Mullen come out to the red corner. Both fighters looked very young but did very good! Both came out very strong when the bell rang and Hastings immediately went for a take down, red did not let that go though and returned fire with some very nasty boxing combos. Towards the end of the first round we see Hasting start to tire out and Mullen’s take advantage of that by blocking all of Hastings kicks and following up with something of his own. In round two Hasting’s makes up for the end of round one and starts with a strong high kick to the head stunning Mullen’s and following it up with a good low kick. Again slowly towards the end both seem kind of tired Mullen’s stays crisp and Hastings seems a bit of unsure of what to do next. By round three we see the crowd go crazy and start chanting for Hastings. Mullen’s is very sure of himself in the final round and uses his good boxing to control Hastings. This technique by the red corner is what scored him the win at the end of all three rounds.

Bout five brought out another crowd favorite into the blue corner. Michael Leone walked to a sea of screaming fans, John Morehouse in our red corner calm and ready to fight. This fight was one of the most explosive fights of the night. Both fighters came into the ring ready to annihilate the other and did not disappoint. As soon as the bell rung we see both fighters going at each other hard all the while using good technique to set the other opponent up. In the middle of the fight Morehouse goes down by a knee to the face. A moment was taken to check Morehouse, Morehouse decided to continue the fight and both fighters touched gloves as a sign of respect before finishing the first round. Round two and three we see even moreKendrick Miree vs Bogdan Moroz - Shin Do Kumate XVI action Leone is very good of countering Morehouse many high kicks and punches and returning fire. It’s a good battle of technique going back and forth. By round three we see Morehouse has red marks forming on his lead leg from Leone’s kicks and Leone is slowly becoming tired. Both fighters give it their all to win the judges, Morehouse uses his good combos and Leone brings out some fancier moves with a spinning back kick followed up with an axe kick to the shoulder. At the end of the final round both fighters give each a big hug in thanks for the good fight displaying amazing sportsmanship and respect. While the judges gave the win to Michael Leone we cannot deny John Morehouse’s amazing spirit for continuing the fight in the first round after a knee to the face. One of the best Muay Thai fights of the night.

Bout six introduces Kendrick Miree to the blue corner and Bogdan Moroz to the red. Moroz has an amazing record so far in his professional career with 57 wins and 15 loses. Miree comes into the fight making his pro debut. While I’m sure some in the crowd worried with Moroz record that Miree may have a tough time that was not the case. Miree came out very strong and with a plan. He used his power to push Moroz where he wanted him and while Moroz for a time did a very good job of moving and working the middle of the ring he was hit with a very strong elbow. The fight ended with a TKO one minute and twenty seconds into the first round and Miree was the winner.

Our Co Main Event was Lloyd Walton in the blue corner and Warren Thompson in the red corner. While in the previous fights each fighter would stare down their opponent these two smiled at each other from their corners and seemed to have a lot of respect for each to other. When the bell rang Walton and Thompson came out a circled each other throwing tentative punches and kicks. It was in this fight that we see a true display of Muay Thai’s beauty. Thompson threw many front kicks and Walton was able to catch most and then hit him with a low or high shin kick. Round one was a slow one each of them taking this round to feel each other out. Round two was stronger with both of them knowing what the other would do and a new plan from their corners. We see even more examples of their amazing technique. Walton used his arms to set up Thompson for his shin kicks which would sometimes go high and sometimes go low. Mixing it up so Thompson would catch his rhythm and block his kicks. Thompson move seemed to be using his front kicks to set up Walton where he needed him to be for the next attack. The last thirty seconds of round two we see them in the clinch trying to work in some knees to the body. Following the pattern of ramping up the energy each round we saw round three be the most aggressive of all the rounds. Both came into the last trying to win the judges, Walton used his long legs to throw some high shin kicks on Thompson and Thompson used his slightly larger frame to keep Walton at bay. We also see more clinching in this round. At the end of round three they gave each other a big hug and preceded to talk to each other for a few moments. There seemed to be no bad blood or like they had fought each other just moments before. The judges decided that Thompson was the winner, and he was met with another hug and smile from Walton. Another great Muay Thai fights of the night.

Muay Thai Fights Shin Do Kumate XVI – Main Event

Our main event of the night is with Stephen Cummings in the blue corner and Vincent McGuiness in the red. McGuiness is the taller out of the two and uses his reach right off the bat to keep Cummings away from him. McGuiness comes in strong using a good jab then straight right hand to stun Cummings. Cummings shakes that off and follows it up with a strong hook to the head followed by a stinging low kick. Cummings is bleeding from a hit to the face early on in the first round, but doesn’t let it faze him and knocks down McGuiness with two strong shin kicks to the legs. When he gets up he gives those two kicks right back to Cummings, but he defends them well. At the thirty second mark Cummings receives two flying knees to the face and is saved by the bell giving his one minute to quickly recover from those blows. The crowd is going crazy by the time the second round begins and the fighters feed off this energy really going for blood. McGuiness uses his longer legs to force Cummings to the ropes with his a front kick. Both look very relaxed and are not breathing heavy, Cummings throws a shin kick to McGuiness’s body which is sadly blocked. While both fighters are still going strong Cummings early cut is slowly getting worse from the repeated hits and is dripping blood. It is toward the end of the second round that Cummings is hit with another punch to the head followed by another knee to the head and he falls to the canvas! At two minutes and thirty three seconds into the second round McGuiness is the winner by a KO.

Muay Thai Fights – Shin Do Kumate XVI Pay Per View Fight Highlights

Stephen Cummins vs Vincent McGuinnes - Shin Do Kumate XVI

In this great Friday evening, various dreams and goals will clash in battle at Shin Do Kumate XVI Return of Ancient Ones. You could feel the passion, drive, and dreams of all the fighters and strikers present at the Bradenton Convention Center. All fighters had a great story, one of which that made a strong impression was Skyler Hastings. He was fighting for more than himself. He was fighting for his family, and future child. Skylar’s girlfriend was giving birth to their first child the very night Skylar made his Pro debut. Any other fighter would have canceled the fight, but Skyler did the opposite. He showed his professionalism as a fighter and attended the fight using his family as motivation to give all he had. His match was full of passion and heart.

He wasn’t the only fighter that had great respect. All the fighters this evening had an aura of respect and professionalism. It was great to see martial arts used as a way to become a stronger individual. Here is a recap of the bouts.

Before any bout took place, we were gifted to listen to a great artist (Elena) sing the American Anthem.

Jimmy Alexander vs Mitchel Chamale - Shin Do Kumate XVI

Shin Do Kumate XVI Bout 1 – Jimmy Alexander vs Mitchell Chamale

This was the fastest bout of the night. The bout clock in at 58 seconds. This bout started with Mitchell energized introduction. You could see the energy and passion that this man had for this fight. In the other spectrum his rival Jimmy had a more passive approach.

The fighters both train in various Martial Arts techniques. Mitchell is a professional MMA Fighter and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu practitioner who trains out of Tough as Nails in Oviedo, FL and Jimmy is a professional striker.

The fight started with Mitchell approaching Jimmy and using various low kick attacks; however, Jimmy’s strategy was relying on zoning Mitchell with strong strikes to the body and face. Jimmy mis-calculated Mitchell’s approach causing him not to block the first combination by Mitchell. At the 45 second mark.

In round 1, he attacked Jimmy with a high kick to the face. The kick connected and damaged Jimmy’s eye causing him to temporarily lose his concentration, balance, and vision.

The fight was stopped and Mitchell was declared the winner by TKO.

Amos vs Johncy Lindor - Shin Do Kumate XVI
Amos Vs Lindor - Shin Do Kumate XVI

Shin Do Kumate XVI Bout 2 – Amos Merriweather vs Johncy Lindor

This fight started with Amos showing a lot of vitality and energy. Johncy’s entrance portrayed a high amount of confidence and strength. Amos tried in the first round using his unique fighting style to overwhelm Johncy, but he didn’t let it phase him and he took a defensive stance in order to wall Amos and tire him out. Amos realizing that the opponent was a threat, decided to taunt Johncy and bring him out of his focus; however, the taunting didn’t work and he stayed with his game-plan. Amos was able to land more blows and a surprise jump roundhouse kick on Johncy. The crowd went wild when the kick landed and shook Johncy strategy for a time.

Johncy decided to stay with the plan and kept the same pace at the end of the round Amos went for another jump kick, but this time he got countered throwing him off causing damage to his stamina & mobility.  Round two started with both fighters meeting each other with jump kicks and trading hits. Amos took the most damage from the trade and started to tire out.

Johncy took advantage and landed multiple hits and knees to the body. Round 3 started with Amos rushing Johncy and showing that he still had energy to out maneuver him. The adrenaline rush didn’t last enough and Johncy wins the match with a 3rd knockdown caused by a haymaker giving him a TKO.

Jason Valles vs Michael Strippling
Jason Valles vs Michael Strippling - Shin Do Kumate XVI

Shin Do Kumate XVI Bout 3 – Jason Valles vs Michale Strippling

Both fighters had respect for each other’s traditional introduction and showed great sportsmanship. This is the first fight of the night to go all the way through three rounds. Round one is all about learning each other’s weaknesses and strength. By the end of the round Michael realized that his reach gives him a big advantage over Jason. He shifts his strategy into grabs and strong knee strikes to the body. Round two Michael utilizes his strategy and takes full advantage landing damaging blows to Jason.

By round three Jason realizes Michael’s game-plan, and decide to start moving more and counter attacking Michael’s grab attempts. He is able to thwart few attempts, but his exhaustion gets the best of him and Michael lands more knee strikes. The match ends with Michael Strippling winning by Unanimous decision.

Skyler Hastings vs Joey Mullin
Skyler Hastings vs Joey Mullin - Shin Do Kumate XVI

Shin Do Kumate XVI Bout 4 – Skyler Hastings vs Joey Mullin

This fight brought to the ring a crowd favorite, Skylar Hastings. He walked out into the arena surrounded by family and friends waiting to cheer him on. Skyler was fighting an Ace Combatant from Georgia, Joey “The Prodigy” Mullin. Round one starts with both fighters testing each other habits. Which turns into Joey grabbing Hastings into a clinch but, kept getting separated by the referee since he wasn’t kneeing the opponent.

He seems to be unfamiliar with the striking ideology in Shin Do Kumate. But he keeps up his aggressive maneuvers which kept Skylar from utilizing his technique. Round two starts and Skylar goes for more kicks in order to gain distance and damage Joey. Every attack by Skyler was countered by Joey’s tenacious and smart strategy.

As Skylar starts to tire out Joey takes that advantage to gain control of the second round. In round three Skyler starts with tremendous amount of energy trying to win the last and final round. With his fans cheering him on, he pushes himself to end the fight on a strong note. While Skylar put on an amazing show it was not enough to win the judges and Joey Mullin was the winner by unanimous decision.

Tony Leone Vs John MoreHouse - Tony Leone Vs John MoreHouse - Shin Do Kumate XVI
Tony Leone vs John Morehouse

Shin Do Kumate XVI Bout 5 – Tony Leone vs John Morehouse

This was one of the most exciting and full of action fight of the evening. The fight was between John Morehouse a Tae Kwon Do practitioner and Tony Leone a Muay Thai practitioner. Both of the fighters start with defensive approaches, every time Tony strikes John will be out of the way not letting Tony come close to him. Tony took an aggressive and assertive approach; however, this approach caused Tony to have a two point deduction by accidentally kneeing John Morehouse’s face as his knee hits the canvas, which is not allowed in Shin Do Kumate rules. Tony takes back the fight by landing a jab knee combo by the end of the round, but this combo wasn’t enough for him to win this round. Round two starts with both fighters trying to get in and be first. Halfway through the round John starts picking his spot and counter attacking Tony strikes. He starts landing more blows as Tony stamina starts decreasing; however, Tony was able to land a strong clean hit on John

Due to Tony winning that round John decide to strength his defense and land more counter attacks for round 3. Half way through round three Tony lands a strong overhead blow on John. This causes a retreat action and John decides to take a step back and take a breather by running into the other corner. Tony follows John and keeps controlling the pace of the match. Last 10 seconds of the fight, the first scramble ensues and the winner of the fight by unanimous decision is Tony. It was an even fight with two point difference.

Kendrick Miree vs Bogdan Moroz - Shin Do Kumate XVI

Shin Do Kumate XVI Bout 6 – Kendrick Miree vs Bogdan Moroz

This was the second shortest fight of the night and the first fight with blood. The match starts with full force aggressive approach by both fighters. They trade with knees, strikes, and elbows. In one of the trades Miree was able to corner Bogdan and connect multiple elbow strikes. This causes Bogdan to lose concentration and loss to much blood. The winner of the fight was Kendrick Miree by TKO. The fight lasted 1 minute and 27 seconds.

Lloy Walton Vs Warren Thompson - Shin Do Kumate XVI
Lloyd Walton vs Warren Thompson

Shin Do Kumate XVI Bout 7 – Co-main Event – Lloyd Walton vs Warren Thompson

Both fighters were respectable and had their rituals at introduction. Both of the fighters welcome each other and salute their coach.

Lloyd kept his distance by using his jabs and low inside leg kicks. This technique was keep Warren far enough away from him so Warren could not land any heavy hits and stun him early in round one. The first fight was a slow one letting each fighter get use to each other fighting style.

Round two starts with a corner trap by Warren, this gives him the lead at the beginning of the round. Lloyd trying to get the round back, goes for a kick, but now he is the one that gets blocked and hit with Warren’s counter attack. Warren is blocking every attempt that Lloyd takes. At the end of the round Warren goes for a strong double kick, but gets blocked as the bell rings. Round three begins with Warren taking the aggressive approach instead, he starts mixing up his kicks and jabs.

Lloyd goes for a high kick, and he misses. Thompson takes the chance and lands a strong mid kick to Lloyd’s body. They both go for a grapple and Lloyd gets the first hold, but they clash with knees. The match ends pretty even and full of suspense.

The winner is Warren Thompson.

Stephen Cummins vs. Vincent McGuinnes - Shin Do Kumate XVI
Stephen Cummins vs Vincent McGuinnes

Shin Do Kumate XVI Bout 8 – Main Event – Stephen Cummings vs Vincent McGuinnes

Before the Main Event Master Mehrdad took the opportunity to give a speech about the sport of striking, how every fighter is a star, and thanking everyone for their support of the show. He goes on to say that he believes Shin Do Kumate is destined for wonderful things. As Master Mehrdad steps out of the ring, the ring announcer calls out the Main Event fighters of the night.

Both fighters are excited and are in top shape. This is a fight between New York and Florida. The crowd is behind the Florida fighter fighting out of Tampa and cheer him on through the fight.

Right from the start Vincent has the range advantage over Stephen. If Stephen wants to overcome his range he will have to rely on heavy footwork and strategy. Stephen realize that Vincent weak-point was his legs, and he decides to land multiple blows to his legs. Vincent adapts quickly and starts protecting his legs and starts using his reach more to keep Stephen away. In one of the confrontation Stephen gets in but gets accidentally head-butt by Vincent.

The crowd start calling fault, but it was accidental and the match continues.  Round two starts with a scramble due to Stephen trying to get in range. Vincent corners Stephen; however, Stephen takes advantage and lands multiple hits on Vincent and he retreats back to the center of the ring. In the retreat Stephen commits to his approach and Vincent lands hits that lead to a devastating strike knee combo.  Winner is Vincent.