Shin Do Kumate XVII - The Quest for the Greatest Martial Arts Warrior - Muay Thai

Muay Thai Fight Friday, October 9 at Bradenton Area Convention Center – The producers of Shin Do Kumaté announce their 16th televised event to be held in Bradenton, Florida on Friday, October 9th, 2015 at the Bradenton Area Convention Center. Shin Do Kumaté is a professional fight sport with athletes that represent strong character traits that have always been a true representation of Martial Artists for centuries. Those traits are humility, honor and respect toward each other, as well as their teachers. The fighting style is similar to Muay Thai fight, which originated in Thailand and is better known to many North Americans as Thai Boxing.

Professional male and female fighters from around the world are hand-selected by Master Mehrdad K. Moayedi, the founder of Shin Do Kumaté and CEO of MKM Knockout Promotions, LLC. Bouts are fought in a standard boxing ring wearing standard boxing gloves. There is no grappling permitted as in cage fighting events, but rather fast-paced stand up fighting consisting of high-impact and technical skills.

Master Mehrdad has a strong reputation in the Martial Arts industry. As a professional fighter himself, he draws the respect of athletes and has the wherewithal to produce an exciting show based on his ability to match fighters and his years of experience as a Martial Arts practitioner, fighter, and trainer.

Although Mixed Martial Arts has developed a mainstream audience, its audience is limited to a narrow demographic of males ages 18 to 34 with mainly male audience. Shin Do Kumaté draws a broader audience of male and female spectators ages 12 to 57 with 35% female audience and maintains a strong cross-over appeal from Boxing, Wrestling, and Mixed Martial Arts fans. As an event that has a strong presence overseas, Shin Do Kumaté is becoming more and more popular in the U.S. with a growing sponsorship appeal to Corporate America. For those who have never experienced a Shin Do Kumaté fight, it’s an event you do not want to miss.

As the company celebrates its 13h anniversary, the distribution of television programming has grown into a worldwide distribution with multiple international markets under contracts for license fees, Video On Demand, Pay Per View programs and 24/7 Online Global Fight Network Strykerz TV. With its headquarters in Tampa Bay,

The October 9th event will be held at the Bradenton Area Convention Center. Doors open at 6:30pm and the professional Shin Do Kumaté fighters will begin their bouts at 8pm. Tickets are available online at or Tickets start at $30.

A press conference will be held at the Courtyard By Marriott Bradenton Riverfront official fighters weigh-in, which is conducted by the Florida State Boxing Commission on Friday, October 8th at 7pm. The press is invited to attend. Press passes for the event are available by contacting Yolanda at 727-573-8533.

About Shin Do Kumaté – The Shin Do Kumaté brand is the world’s leading professional strikers event produced for television. Owned and operated by MKM Knockout Promotions, LLC and headquartered in Clearwater, Florida, Shin Do Kumate programming is available via Pay Per View and Video On Demand through cable and satellite providers. In addition to its pay television platform, Shin Do Kumate fight programs are distributed throughout the world in multiple international markets such as New Zealand, Australia, Germany, England, Korea, Israel, Romania, Africa, Middle East, Canada, and South America. A portion of all proceeds generated by Shin Do Kumaté events benefit Fighting For Children, Inc., a nonprofit organization established to build awareness to the general public of foster children in need of adoption.

Pro Muay Thai Fight – Shin Do Kumate XVI at Bradenton, FL


Master Mehrdad's Muay Thai Classic XXV

Natalie Keene took her first breath in six minutes when the bell rang Saturday at the end of her amateur Muay Thai debut at the Shin Do Kumate VII.

She then held her breath again, waiting for the results along with opponent Marilyn Vallejo of Denver and the 1,000 seated in USF’s Phyllis P. Marshall Center.

The “Bonecrusher” Keene had lasted three two-minute rounds, surviving jabs and making a living off her forceful kicks against a fighter who had been in the ring six times before.

The Florida State Boxing and Athletic Commission’s three judges scored the fight 29-28, 29-28 and 30-28, all in Vallejo’s favor.

Keene fought Muay Thai, or Thai kickboxing, against Vallejo’s “shoot fighting,” pitting a kicker against a puncher. Keene’s nerves ran wild in the first round, and she quickly found herself on the defensive end of heavy jabs.

In the second round, she rolled off a slew of kick combos that wore down Vallejo’s attack. Despite appearing poised and untouched to start the third round, Keene never kept her hands up enough to block a full round’s worth of punches.

“I knew what I needed to do but my body just couldn’t do it,” said Keene, who works days in Tampa, then trains every night at Mehrdad Khan Moayedi’s martial arts school in St. Petersburg. “I could tell she had dropped her guard down a bit, but that didn’t bring my hands up at all.”

“I felt like I was in the ring with her,” said Keene’s husband, Scott, who added he was anxious while watching. “I’m so proud of her more for the fact that she did this for herself and really no one else. This was all about her.”

Shin Do Kumate is a hybrid sport that allows a fighter with a martial arts background such as karate, kung fu or tae kwon do to fight using full contact as long as it is upright and there is no clinching.

“It’s just a huge accomplishment that I got through (six months of training) to my first fight,” Keen said. “I finished. That’s what I’m proud of.”

Also, Duane “Lion” Hart of Tampa defeated Todd Cutler in one minute by knockout in his first win as a pro.

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Shin Do Kumate XV - Shane Wiggand vs. Ali Tareh

Shin Do Kumate Muay Thai Trials and Tribulations

Shin Do Kumate this weekend was a summation of a year full of Muay Thai trials and tribulations for Team USA. We tested two of our very best at Shin Do Kumate – Keri against someone with almost 6 times the amount of ring experience as herself and Michael against someone who is naturally 15lbs heavier than he is. Furthermore, both fighters fought full Muay Thai rules. Despite having the cold and being plagued with minor injuries, Michael and Keri fought with so much heart this weekend. Their losses are tests that would be their greatest learning experience and Muay Thai trials.

Keri’s fight with Jeri Sitzes was predicted to be a KO by Jeri considering how strong and experienced she is. Keri trained hard and stepped up to the plate, doing what most other fighters would not do. The fight was action packed with Keri answering every one of Jeri’s offense. While Jeri may have stunned Keri with her punching, Keri gave Jeri a taste of Muay Thai by landing a devastating flying knee. What might have winded Keri were the four times she was thrown to the ground by Jeri, with no warning from the ref. Nonetheless, Jeri dominated with her boxing skills and the judges awarded her with the split decision.

Michael agreed to fight reknowned fighter Shane Campbell at 147lbs but understood that Shane was naturally about 160lbs. Besides the promoters being unable to find anyone else for Michael, a fight with Shane would test Michael at a different level. Both fighters came out very strong but shortly into the first round Shane cut Michael with an elbow that forced the doctors to stop the fight (certainly reminiscent of Michael’s TKO over Shawn Yacoubian). The two fighters both sustained cuts with Michael’s being the one that ended the fight. Had the fight continued, it would have been one of the best of the night as these two are fresh young talent. Shane Campbell certainly impressed all with his skills and when Michael is ready to fight at a heavier weight class, these two should give it another go.

Congratulations to Michael, Keri and Kru Sam for their dedication, hard work and passion. We are proud of their fights for the result certainly did not truly reflect the greatness with which they fought. They remain true champions unafraid to test themselves and learn from their losses. We are also grateful to MKM Promotions, Master Mehrdad and Joel Collins for putting on this impressive show and accommodating our team.

Strykerz - Shin Do Kumate - Professional Muay Thai Fights - Muay Thai Trials 

Gary Turner


Gary Turner. Well, that was a real fun trip, all credit to Master Merhdad Khan Moayedi (this is one fella who looks too healthy!) and his team for sorting us out, Bonnie, Yolanda Moayedi, Kate Vaughn, and of course ‘little’ Joel, who really did his best to look after us and check we were ok – his professionalism Muay Thai and humour were welcomed! Thanks on behalf of me and Steve Fox, my coach at the event, and Team Gary Turner behind the scenes (Jeroen Winters, Roland van der Borgh, Andre Daltrey and Steve Fox).

The trip didn’t start well for me and Steve – United Airlines messed their schedules and our flight arrived late and we missed to connection to Tampa, resulting in 5odd ours in Washington. When we got to Tampa, our luggage didn’t arriving nearly 24 hours later, and only after we were pushing United! Something to talk about though, man! I hate it when people lie to your face just because they can’t be bothered!

But we got to a great hotel, and bought up half the local sports shops, and got some training at a local gym, thanks to Chris Lupia at Physical Performance Inc.

The Friday medicals and State Commission talks and weigh-in’s went well. I weighed in at 238 in my clothes; Rick took his top off and weighed in at 203! I asked him if he wanted some of my fat, and got a nice chuckle.

Rick likes to get his head right before a fight, and is often distant, but we’ve met before, got on, and although we both had our fight heads on were polite and cheeky with each other. Saturday was going to be fun!

Florida has to be one of the strictest commissions I’ve ever fought under. We were signed into the changing room, not realising that we couldn’t leave again until our fight! And we weren’t allowed food in! So I had no food for the 5 hours leading up to the fight. Didn’t affect me that I saw during the fight, but, hey! I was hungry, lol! If ever I started to dream about chocolate…

The commission observed the wraps, signed them, signed the gloves, watched and commented on the Vaseline, checked the corner equipment, were with us very closely the whole time. There were a couple of random drug tests too. The commission, although incredibly strict, were efficient and friendly, and the guys seemed to be enjoying themselves even though they were stuck in a back room with only a small monitor to watch the show on. (The medicals were also quite strict, in particular the dilated eye exams, the hep B, C and HIV tests etc all had to be forwarded through in advance.)

The arena at St Pete Times Forum was fantastic, and the production was great – overhead screens, lots of smoke, ramps for the walking out, hip-hop acts (or hippity hoppity if like me you’re old enough to remember when it had a silly name!) and a good sound system. The atmosphere was nice too – noisy and friendly!

Interestingly, while we are talking about age, when Rick was racking up World Title after World Title at pro kickboxing in the 90’s, I was doing the same but for sport ju-jitsu and amateur kickboxing, and we both come to the ring with possibly the same (although of course different) amount of experience. For sure, the fight was going to be a battle of wits.

The ring was 19’ internal, just the right size. Rick was already there, focused and ready as I entered the ring. I felt relaxed, and despite my smiles, was concentrating on Steve’s instructions in the corner, releasing my distractions to focus on the fight. ‘Skin a rabbit’ said Steve as he pulled off my vest, and with that final release of humour I was ready.

Round 1 started, and pretty much continued the same throughout the whole fight! Rick was fast, real fast, the fastest footwork and body movement I had ever seen. He was on form, like a sped up film, like a kid given Red Bull for the first time, lol! Rick had come in shape for sure. We settled into a pattern, where I closed him down to corner him, and he then struck first with me countering, or me first and him countering.

Rick has an exceptional lead hook, and I think I managed to stop him throwing it nicely, and again he didn’t have much luck with his trademark sidekick, as I was just too strong and walked through it. Rick thinks it was the cross in the first, I think it was the one in the second, (he caught me in both hard!), but he caught me with a straight left right onto my temple. Although the crowd tell me that I just took any shots that hit without flinching or appearing to notice, that shot sent my eyes out of focus for the rest of the fight! Not good when Slick Rick is whizzing around in front of you, lol!

Rick tried a couple of axe kicks and high rear round kicks, and mostly they came off my guard, were moved onto my shoulder, and not one of them worried me, although they did look nice and flash and I am sure scored well in the judges eyes. Mind you, my right ear is black today (a black ear? That’s a first for me!), when one of his kicks missed my head but by God caught my ear! I caught him with a nice lead round kick to his head too, my foot whipping behind his guard, not a hard strike, just annoying for him and scoring the high kicks for me also.

I took Rick down with a few sweeps, at one time catching his leg, and kicking the leg from underneath. I was moving forward during that process and Rick went down, but hey, it was strictly within the rules. I think I took Rick down something like 4 times with low kicks timed like sweeps, and one actual sweep.

Gary Turner vs Rick Roufus

Gary Turner - Muay Thai Champion vs Rick RoufusI did receive one caution when I threw a rear front kick onto his belt line. It could have been judged as a low blow, the ref warned me, but Rick just shrugged it off. I repeated it a few seconds later and my foot disappeared into a shocked Rick’s midsection. The ref had words with me, but the kick was perfect! Right into his gut, above the belt, sweet. I think Rick appreciated it.

In fact, Rick’s face was real funny at times during the fight. In the first I caught him with a cheeky lead front kick to the face, and got the ‘Rick’ look. You know in cartoons when the character’s mouth goes into a squiggly line? That’s what Rick’s does, lol, when he’s been caught. It’s not necessarily that he’s been hurt, it could just be that he knows he’s been hit, and wants to get it back.

He’s been eating some of Popeye’s spinach too, as my strength in punching is greatly increased, and there were at least two shots that hit Rick so hard that I would have expected him to be stretchered out of the ring. You know the ones, the ones that you connect so damn hard you think the guy’s heads gonna come off? Yet all I got was Rick’s squiggly look, lol!

By the way, he was more than ready for leg kicks – he had a few surprises for the unwary, and although I managed to get a few in (none that I would consider good), his little traps made me wary.

Gary Turner Draws in his first Shin Do Kumate Debut

Gary Turner - Muay Thai ChampionRick made me look clumsy a couple of times in the last round especially when I was really trying to take the fight to him. Afterwards we realised that if I was punching a couple of feet lower I would have hit him more! His body movement was exceptional. Eventually I would close him down and corner him and the games would start again.

Although I am sure Rick felt a few of my good strikes, and I definitely felt a couple of his, I don’t think either of us displayed any effects of the hits during the fight.

There were a couple of nice moments between me and Rick during the fight (ahhhhh!) Once was when he tried to clinch and sweep me. ‘Nice try but no chance’ I spoke to him, and got what appeared to be a little chuckle back.

Overall, my team thought we had done enough to win, although not by much. This was demonstrated by the first judge scoring me ahead by two points, the other two judges scoring it a draw, and therefore a majority draw was the result. I don’t think I was ‘robbed’, as even though I think we were definitely ahead, it would not have been by much. We both had two different styles, Rick moving and being more flash, me being aggressive and heavy hitting. I thought I hit him a little more. You know me for being honest, and therefore have a look at the video when it appears and let me and Rick know your honest opinions! Mind you, me and Rick haven’t seen it either yet!

Rematch – why not?

Rick and his team are nice fellas, and although it was too late for it by the time we got back to the hotel, I think that we could have all shared a few beers and took the Mick out of us all nicely!

In retrospect I am going to drop about ½ stone (7lbs, 3-4kg) and refocus on my footwork. My power techniques and the application of them are coming on nicely; my fitness and my explosive fight conditioning are real good and improving still further. I’m going to up the cardio a little in the next few weeks for the specific purpose of burning off a few spare lbs of fat. Losing that small amount won’t affect my power but will assist my speed in movement. I’ll be making corrections from this fight, as I always do, and ensuring I improve still further for the next one!

Overall I thought it was a fun show, and I am awaiting the video so I can see all the other fights as well! Good to see my Swedish friend Tofan, it was a shame his fight ended early where he fractured his shin and had to retire. All the fighters and teams mixed well, and despite battering each other in the ring it was a fun and friendly environment outside!

Good to finally meet up with people like Dave Cummings too!

Hey, Merhdad! Get me on the next one!

Smiler Gary Turner

Master Mehrad - MMA

One Man’s Dream Becomes Reality Master Mehrdad Khan Moayedi passion leads to an honest reality

In recent years the Boxing industry has seen its reputation take some heavy blows to the body. This is possibly due to outcomes that are questionable and promoters being more concerned about money then re-establishing the sport’s image. But Don King’s famous coined phrase, Only in America, will always stay with me no matter were the sport goes. Those words stood true when I met Master Mehrdad, The Persian Warrior, of MKM Knockout Promotions. Master Mehrdad is an 8th Dan Black Belt and has studied martial arts for over 30 years and is the founder of the company that bears his initials. Master Mehrdad grew up with dreams of being a world renowned fighter like Muhammad Ali. Master Mehrdad has fought in hundreds of fights all over the world but found it hard to find worthy opponents and promotions that were trusty worthy of bringing honor to the sport. In 2002 MKM Knockout Promotions was created to promote Shin Do Kumaté The Way of the Fighting Spirit an international professional full-contact martial arts event. The Persian Warrior created the promotion with their mission to become the world’s premier fighting organization by establishing the largest professional Full Contact Martial Arts and Muay Thai event in North America.

Only In America – Shin Do Kumate Largest Growing Muay Thai Event

Since its creation Shin Do Kumaté has become the largest growing Muay Thai event in North America. Now Master Mehrdad is sharing his passion, honor and tradition for martial arts in the Quest for the Greatest Martial Arts Warrior. It is amazing to speak with the Persian Warrior and see his passion and drive in turning a one-time dream into such an exciting reality. Master Mehrdad has made it a personal mission to bring awareness, knowledge and tolerance towards the cultures of which martial arts descended from. The promotion also does charity work to help children who are underprivileged and in foster care with finding homes and legal assistance. Master Mehrdad has such a calming presence about himself; it’s amazing to think he could bring you to your knees with one kick. America was the opportunity but it was a mans will and determination to bring his vision into what we see today. What is even more amazing is that Don King was right, Only in America!

Come and see Master Mehrdad’s vision for yourself, Saturday September 9, at the St. Pete Times Forum at 7 p.m. Tickets available at MKM Knockout Promotions also holds amateur fight nights at the Cuban Club in Ybor City. For previous coverage of the amateur event check out

Master Mehrdad's Muay Thai Classic XXV

Más Que Puños y Patadas – ES UNA DISCIPLINA. Dos hispanos competirán en el Muay Thai Classic, en Tampa

Opine sobre esta historia en Noticias Locales:


Por Myriam Silva-Warren CENTRO Tampa – Mas que Puños

Preston Styles da puños y patadas descalzo a un saco de boxeo como parte de su práctica diaria. ¿La razón? Se prepara para su primer combate en Muay Thai, un estilo de artes mar- ciales.

Styles, de ascenden- cia mexicana, dijo estar peleando desde los 8 años en diferentes cate- gorías, como taekwondo, boxeo y kickboxing. Y ahora está cautivado con el Muay Thai, un deporte de contacto originario de Tailandia y que se aseme- ja en algo al boxeo.

“Llegué a esto porque en otras categorías sólo peleas con la parte supe- rior de tu cuerpo”, dijo. “Y quería lanzar algunas

patadas y rodillazos para ejercitar todo mi cuerpo”. Styles, de 17 años, pelea

en la categoría de 140 a 150 libras y dice que úni- camente conoce en foto al que será su oponente este sábado, 15 de mayo.

NO SE LO PIERDA – Mas Que Puños y Patadas – Boxeo

Master Mehrdad’s Muay Thai Classic XXIV
Dónde: India Cultural Center, 5511 Lynn Road, Tampa Cuando: Sábado, 15 de mayo, 7pm

Costo: Desde $25 Info: 727-573-8533 o

Lo que tiene claro Styles, quien terminó su GED y trabaja limpiando botes y encerando autos,

es que quiere llegar lo más lejos posible en esta disciplina marcial.

Otro de los combatien- tes, el colombiano Mario Hurtado, dijo que el sábado participará en su segunda pelea.

Hurtado, de 27 años, está en la categoría de 165 a 170 libras.

“Normalmente compi- to en la categoría de más de 175 libras, pero quiero pelear ahora contra uno que tiene un cinturón”, dijo.

Según Hurtado, cuando era niño prac- ticó boxeo en Colombia
y llegó al Muay Thai debido a una ex novia que practicaba artes marciales y quien le llevó a conocer al maestro Mehrdad Khan Moayedi, dueño y profesor del gim- nasio donde entrena.

Hurtado contó que Mas que Puños

el año pasado tuvo que bajar 23 libras en menos de un mes para poder combatir en su primera pelea. Lo cual, dijo, se
ref leja en el combate, pues el agotamiento llega más rápido.

Los amateurs en Muay Thai pelean tres rounds de dos minutos cada uno y descansan un minuto.

¿Hay nocaut?

“Sí e inclusive acá en la Florida se utilizan canilleras, guantes, pro- tección para las partes privadas y casco”, dijo Hurtado. “Eso no impi- de que haya nocaut si te pegan en la mandíbula, por ejemplo”.

Hurtado, quien es estudiante de ingeniería, contó que para comenzar a competir profesional- mente debe tener más de 15 combates.

El maestro Moaye- di, de 45 años, explicó que Muay Thai es una división de amateurs y cuando los practicantes rompen récords compi- ten en Shin Do Kumaté, una disciplina similar al kickboxing.

“Shin Do Kumaté esla forma de combate del espíritu. Shin es espíritu, mente, lo grande; Do, la vía; y Kumaté es comba- te”, dijo el maestro.

Contó que abrió la aca- demia de artes marciales en 1992.

Según Moayedi, quien se presenta como “gue- rrero persa”, comenzó a practicar artes marciales desde los 3 años porque su hermano mayor y sus tíos las practicaban.

Maestro. Mehrdad Khan Moayedi enseña artes marciales desde 1992 en la Bahía de Tampa. Foto: Myriam Silva-Warren

Muay Thai. Mario Hurtado (izq) y Preston Styles practican para el combate del sábado. Foto: Myriam Silva-Warren

“Para mí, las artes marciales son una pasión. Es algo que viene conmigo de vidas pasa- das”, dijo. “Es algo que he hecho en diferentes vidas, porque estas cosas vienen a mí muy fácil”.

Moayedi dijo que llegó a la categoría de maestro ya que ha practicado por cuarenta años diferentes disciplinas marciales y el título le fue otorgado por otros grandes maestros.

“Ser maestro es algo que uno gana. Es un honor”, afirmó.

De acuerdo con Moayedi, él fue el crea- dor del Shin Do Kumaté, el cual tiene sus propias

reglas y técnicas, y hasta es dueño de los derechos de reproducción.

Moayedi, quien ostenta tres cinturones de cam- peón mundial, dijo que su mayor premio en las artes marciales es “haber venido a este país y pasar por todos los obstáculos para sobrevivir y promo- ver las artes marciales en este mundo”.

El maestro, quien es de origen iraní, está casado con una española y tiene tres hijas que practican el Muay Thai.

¿Y hasta dónde quiere llevar esa disciplina?

“Quiero convertirla en algo más grande que el boxeo”, dijo.

Sponsor Shin Do Kumate - Felice Herrig - Mas que puños

Submitted by: Joseph Cunliffe Posted On 08/04/2002

The Florida State Boxing Commission licensed its first professional (MMA) Mixed Martial Arts event on Sat 20, 2002. The first World Shin Do Kumaté Bouts were held at the Pinellas Expo Center in St. Peter Florida.


The Shin Do Kumaté’ Bouts were created by Master Mehrdad Khan Moayedi, the founder, creator, the World Shin Do Kumaté Association. Also based out of St. Petersburg FL, this exclusive Martial Arts and MMA established in 1993.

Originally from Persia, Moayedi is the President of Kong Shin Bup Hapkido and a Disciple of Tae Keuk Do Grand Master Inn Shuk Pak as a 6th Dan Black Belt. Moayedi is also a 4th generation of Persian Kushti Ka defense and grappling art from Iran.

Moayedi has devoted over 30 years of study and active participation in these traditional martial art system addition, Moavedi is an active fighter in full contact fights. Moavedi has been selected three times f competition.

This MMA night started with an amateur fight between Amanda Calderon from Miami, FL and Dawn M from Bradenton, FL. Calderon, just 14-years-old, has 10 years experience in American Kenpo & Go junior Black Belt. She has been a student of Master Mehrdad’s for just under 1 year and specializes Kung Fu. She fought at 5’2′, 128lbs. Her record includes 1996, 1997, and 1998 FBBA State Championship fighting division. Montague, who comes to the ring from Hollobaugh Karate in Bradenton, FL is 25 5’3, 122lbs and has been training in Kickboxing for approximately 7 months with an amateur recor She is a mother of one.

The first two rounds of this fight were dominated by Calderon who knocked Montague down 3 time straight kicks to the chest. Montague however came on strong in the third round with several quick combinations which brought the final score to a draw.

The second bout of the evening was between Larry Jarrett and Travis Crawford. Jarrett is 30 came to the Kumaté from the Mike Hollobaugh Thai Boxing School in Bradenton, FL. He weighed in stands 5’10, and sports 39-9 record. Crawford came to the Kumaté from Bob Robare’s Diamond D Muay Thai gym in Orlando, FL. He fought at 6′, 163lbs, and is 28-years-old.

This was a fast moving bout with both fighters landing many kicks and punches. Jarrett however w aggressive fighter and demonstrated excellent blocking techniques. These skills were what resulted the win by decision.

The third bout featured James Routson and Michael Shoffener. Rouston, also from Bob Robare’ Dutchman Muay Thai gym in Orlando, FL fought at 173lbs. His record is 2-1, with both wins from K Shoeffener, who drove to Florida from his home in Mexico for the fight, weighed in at 180lbs. His r and he has fought in Tiger’s World of Martial Arts under Amateur Muay Thai rules. He specializes in MMA, Boxing/Shoot Fighting.

Shoffener came out aggressively and was working Rouston over well, although Rouston blocked m incoming blows and kicks. When Shoffener started to get slightly winded, Routson took advantage delivered 6 devastating knees to Softener’s head, the first one opening a 3-inch gash on his forehe ultimately ended the fight with a technical knockout in the first round.

The fourth bout was between Joel Collins and Eric ‘The Hurricane’ Marshall. Collins is from Las and is 145lbs and 19-years-old. He holds a Blue Sash in Shaolin Kung Fu from the World Shin Do K Association under Master Moayedi, and has fought in Tiger’s World of Martial Arts under Amateur M rules. Marshall came to the fight from Bradenton, FL, where he trains under Master Mike Hollobaug

Both fighters were very aggressive in the first round of this fight, with Collins delivering the more p effective hits. Two minutes into the round however, Marshall delivered a strong left hook which roc back, causing him to twist his foot – breaking it and damaging one of his tendons to give Marshall t TKO.

The fifth and most exciting bout of the evening was between Kedric Umaa and Dekin ‘The Drag fights out of Miami, FL where he trains at the Unified Martial Arts Academy under Dwight Woods, s Thai Kickboxing. In his 3 years of experience he has amassed a record of 4-1-0. He weighed in at holds a green belt in Hapkido from Master Mehrdad’s Shin Do Kumaté Association in St. Petersburg, FL fought 175lbs and is 28-years-old.

Although this was Dekin’s first professional fight, he was by far the most challenging opponent of t His natural abilities showed against Umaa’s much more experienced style. While Umaa was able to knees to Dekin’s face, Dekin countered several of Umaa’s kicks with takedowns. Umaa showed visi frustration with Dekin’s abilities and resorted to verbal taunts for which the judge warned him to st went the full 4 rounds, with the close decision going to Umaa.

The sixth and final bout was between Stefan ButinBik and Kirk Bovell. ButinBik is from Holland 135lbs and is 32-years-old. His record was 2-1 with his last fight being an under card match at Da ‘Caged Combat.’ He trained at Maeng Ho gym in Breda Holland in Maui Thai. His amateur record w impressive 61-7. Bovell came from Barbados to fight at 138lbs and is 24-years-old. His extensive t experience includes 7 years in Muay Thai and 3 years in Jun Fan Gung Fu Fighting, with an amateu 1 with 2 TKO’s and a professional record of 2-0-0 with both wins by TKO.

This fight was very evenly matched with both fighters landing many kicks and blows. ButinBik land pounding spinning back kick to Bovell’s midsection in the first round to set the pace for the remain fight. Bovell returned the favor with several hard roundhouse punches landing to ButinBik head. Al Bovell won the fight by a decision after four rounds, ButinBik was able to raise a massive welt on B thigh that would have taken a lesser man out of the ring.

The next Shin Do Kumaté Bouts is scheduled for October 26, 2002 at the Pinellas Expo Center in S Florida, in which Master Mehrdad plans to fight the Heavyweight Main Event title bout to promote h

The World Shin Do Kumaté Association is located at in Clearwater, FL telephone number is: 727-573-8533 More information can be found at


Shin Do Kumate XV - Aaron Castellvi vs. Justin Greskiewicz (Won by Desion)

Shin Do Kumate XV – Amy Davis (Won by TKO) vs. Denise Mellor

Shin Do Kumate XV - Amy Davis (Won by TKO) vs. Denise Mellor Shin Do Kumate XV - Amy Davis (Won by TKO) vs. Denise MellorShin Do Kumate XV - Amy Davis (Won by TKO) vs. Denise Mellor

Amy Davis from Idaho Falls, ID fought a good fight against Denise Mellor of England. Both fighters came in strong. Denise took an elbow from Amy and Denise’s trainer made the decision to stop the fight giving Amy the win by TKO. Denise fought this bout with a knee injury she incurred during training, but still fought very well and gave it her all. This was a great fight with great technique and a good match. We look forward to seeing these two fighters again for a rematch in 2009.

Shin Do Kumate XV – Aaron Castellvi vs. Justin Greskiewicz (Won by Desion)

Shin Do Kumate XV - Aaron Castellvi vs. Justin Greskiewicz (Won by Desion)Shin Do Kumate XV - Aaron Castellvi vs. Justin Greskiewicz (Won by Desion)Shin Do Kumate XV - Aaron Castellvi vs. Justin Greskiewicz (Won by Desion)


The bout between Aaron Castellvi and Justin Greskiewicz was the only fight that went the distance the whole night. This was a chest match between two fighters and they both brought a lot of great Muay Thai skills to the ring. There were great exchanges throughout all three rounds and Justin executed some great sweeps. The win was given to Justin Greskiewicz by decision.


Shin Do Kumate XV – Shane Wiggand vs. Ali Tareh

Shin Do Kumate XV - Shane Wiggand vs. Ali TarehShin Do Kumate XV - Shane Wiggand vs. Ali Tareh

Shane Wiggand and Ali Tareh brought a very unique fight to Shin Do Kumaté because Ali comes from a more Martial Arts background with the last few years competing in professional boxing matches. Shane has a Muay Thai background and although he originally fought MMA, his passion went towards Muay Thai and he spent some time training in Thailand. Round one started out with Ali leading using his boxing skills throughout the round and he took Shane down with a spinning back hand followed by a strong right punch, but Shane beat the count. In the second round Shane managed to close the gap and came in strong delivering a lot of hard and flying knees to the head. The referee stopped the fight due to a big gash above Ali’s eye giving Shane the win by TKO.

Shin Do Kumate XV – Simon Marcus (Won By TKO) vs. Aaron Meisner

 Muay Thai Champion Simon Marcus from Toronto, Canada - Combat SportsMuay Thai Champion Simon Marcus from Toronto, Canada

Simon Marcus has a strong Muay Thai training regimen and we knew he was going to use every skill and technique he could against his opponent. Aaron Meisner has more of an MMA background than Muay Thai and was featured on the Ultimate Fighter reality series. Both fighters started strong, but Simon dominated the fight with his combination elbow strikes and finished the fight in the second round giving him the win by TKO, as Aaron was unable to continue. Both fighters demonstrated an exciting bout.


Shin Do Kumate XV – Clifton Brown (Won by TKO) vs. Stephen Richards

Shin Do Kumate XV - Clifton Brown (Won by TKO) vs. Stephen Richards Shin Do Kumate XV - Clifton Brown (Won by TKO) vs. Stephen RichardsClifton Brown vs Stephen

This main event featured Clifton Brown, a world champion from Toronto, Canada against Stephen Richards from Atlanta, Georgia. Clifton was originally matched to fight Tofan Pirani of Sweden, but Tofan contacted MKM 7 days before the fight stating he injured his shin during training. In a scramble to find Clifton a new opponent, Stephen Richards stepped up to the plate. Stephen is a very good Boxer and Muay Thai fighter and beat Sean Yarbrough of Las Vegas in a prior match. Both Clifton and Stephen came in strong and fought well against each other, but Clifton through his famous elbow strike that landed on the side of Stephen’s head causing a big cut on his ear, which ended the fight giving Clifton the win by first round TKO. Clifton Brown is a true Champion and Stephen Richards is a true warrior for taking this fight last minute and we look forward to seeing
both fighters again in 2009.

Shin Do Kumate XIV

Shin Do Kumate XIV Ancient Ones − Clifton Brown wins with an explosive elbow strike!

It was an evening of great Muay Thai fights on August 9th at the Bob Martinez Sports Complex in Tampa, FL. Shin Do Kumaté was back at it again with their 14th event − “Ancient Ones.” Two bouts headlined the card. The Co−main event was Between Remy Bonnel and Fernando Calleros. This was a good fight as Fernando was able to continuously push inside to negate Remy’s low kicks and reach, however, Remy was able to
work some effective boxing and use his knees in the clinch. Remy Bonnel came away with the Unanimous decision after 3 rounds of fighting.

The Main Event saw WMC World Champion Clifton Brown of Siam #1 in Canada take on the explosive and powerful Crafton Wallace of Inferno MMA in Florida. This fight started off with Crafton the aggressor and landing shots while Clifton was patient and seeing what his opponent had to offer. Two minutes into round One, Clifton had Wallace against the ropes and unleashed a right hand that dropped him to the canvas and through the ropes. But amazingly Crafton Wallace was able to beat the count and hold on to the end of the round. Then what a great battle that ensued. Crafton was a very game opponent who not only was able to take the punishment, but he was able to dish it out as well, until the third round, Clifton had Wallace against the ropes, found an opening and delivered an upward elbow that caught Crafton on the forehead and split it open, immediately stopping
the fight. An exciting fight that showcased the true talent of Muay Thai.

In the undercard bouts:

Shin Do Kumate XIV – Felice Herrig vs. Jessica Sanchez

Felice HerrigFelice Herrig vs Jessica Sanchez - Shin Do Kumate XIV

Jessica showed tremendous heart and stood toe to toe with Felice for 3 rounds, but was not able to handle the energy and experience of Felice. Felice Herrig (Team Toro)defeated Jessica Sanchez via UD.

Shin Do Kumate XIV – Rami Ibrahim vs. Bruce Sesseman

Rami Ibrahim vs Bruce Sesseman - Shin Do Kumate XIVRami Ibrahim vs Bruce Sesseman - Shin Do Kumate XIV

Round (Low kicks) Rami was able to figure out Sesseman’s style and attack his lead leg repeatedly with low kicks, forcing the referee to stop the fight. Rami Ibrahim (Sitan Gym) defeated Bruce Sesseman via TKO.

Shin Do Kumate XIV – Paul Marfort vs. Chris Cristini

Paul Marfort vs. Chris CristiniPaul Marfort vs. Chris Cristini

(Scorpion Muay Thai) via UD. In Marfort’s toughest test yet, he showed that he is able to adapt and fend of the attacks of a bigger, stronger fighter. Cristini was making his pro debut, but had an extensive amateur career, medaling in the IAMF World Championships and taking 2nd place at the IKF World Championships last month. Paul Marfort (Diamond Dutchman/LA Boxing) defeated Chris Cristini.

Shin Do Kumate XIV – Aaron Castellvi vs. Shane Wiggand

Aaron Castellvi vs. Shane WiggandAaron Castellvi vs. Shane Wiggand

(Gladiator’s MMA) via UD. In the first fight of the night, these two technical fighters put on a great show. Castellvi came out on top and got the evening off on the right foot. Aaron Castellvi (Siam #1) defeated Shane Wiggand.

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Fighting Events by Strykerz – Come experience Shin Do Kumate XVII in Tampa Bay on Saturday, August 20th, 2016 to watch one of the biggest fighting events in today’s saturated MMA fighting industry. This upcoming professional Muay Thai fight promotion will be held at the Bradenton Area Convention Center and will showcase high caliber male and female fighters. This sport is based on passion and hard work and features only skilled fighters who can stand apart from all others. Shin Do Kumate is the leading Muay Thai fight promotion in North America and recognized in the industry for bringing back the honor, tradition, and true sportsmanship into the world of Martial Arts.


Shin Do Kumate XVII – Main Event

Tony Leone
Pedro Cassoma
Weight: 155lb.
Height: 5’9”
Age: 31
Amateur MMA Fight Record: 6-3
Amateur Muay Thai record: 7-1
Pro MMA record: 0-1
Pro Muay Thai Record: 1-0
Height: 5’10”
Weight: 145 – 150lb
Age 29
Pro Muay Thai Record: 4-1
Gym Elite Muay Thai-Sudyod

Co-main Event (Full Thai Rules with Elbows)

Cyrus Washington
Alex Berrios
Weight: 170lb.
Height: 5’7”
Age 34
Pro Muay Thai Record: 76-29-3 KO-50
Weight: 170lb.
Height: 6’1”
Age: 27
Amateur Muay Thai Record: 12-1-1
Pro Muay Thai Record: 9-5

Muay Thai Strikers Under-cards Bouts
(Full Thai Rules with Elbows)

Avery McPhatter
Warren Thompson
Height: 6’2″
Weight: 185lbs
Age 27
Pro Record: 9-7
Height: 6’1″
Weight 185lbs
Pro Muay Thai: 1-1
Gym : Elite Muay Thai
Maros Pacan
John Morehouse
Height: 5’10”
Weight: 165lbs.
Age 28
Pro Fight Record: 31-19
Height: 6′
Weight: 162lb.
Age: 27
Pro Kickboxing Record: 2-8
Pro Muay Thai Record: 2-3
Michael Stripling
Chris Burgett
Height: 5’11”
Weight: 155Ibs.
Age 29
Pro Muay Thai Record: 2-2
Weight: 155lb.
Age 33
Muay Thai Record: 12-2-2
Johncy Lindor
Height: 5’9”
Weight: 145lb
Age 26
Amateur Muay Thai fight record: 24-8-1
Pro Muay Thai Record: 1-0
Height: 5’4”
Weight: 135lb
Age 21
MMA Record: 3-2

Muay Thai Strikers Under-cards Bouts
with No Elbows

Johnny “Speed” Garcia
Rich Grindle
Height: 6’1″
Weight: 147lbs
Age 24
Amateur Record : 7-3
Pro Record: 0-1
Height: 5’8″
Weight 140-145lb
Age 27
Amateur Record: 6-0
Joe “Formiga” Gomez
Eric Peebles
Height: 5’7
Weight: 140-145lbs
Age 28
Pro kickboxing: 0-0
Pro MMA: 0-1
Amateur kickboxing: 4-1
Height: 6’0″
Weight 155lbs
Age 31
Amateur Kickboxing: 5-1
Amateur MMA : 2-4
Pro Record : 1-0