Founder of Shin Do Kumate

Some families spend their evenings watching TV. The Maoyedi clan is a bit more active.

“Give me a right hand, left elbow. Go!” Mehrdad Maoyedi instructs his 14-year-old daughter, Shahnaz.

The girl, who has already been at it for more than an hour, dismisses her fatigue and squares off against the punching bag.

“Harder! Come on, go!”

“Keep going! I’ll tell you when to stop!”

“One more!”


Mehrdad motions to his daughter Soudabah, who has been looking on after finishing her own training session, to bring Shahnaz some water. At Master Mehrdad’s Martial Arts and Fitness in Clearwater, the art of stand-up striking known as Muay Thai is a family affair.

The Iranian-born Mehrdad is an eighth-degree black belt, certified martial arts master and inventor of the martial art shin do kumate. His wife, Yolanda Maoyedi, works on the business side at the Feather Sound facility and occasionally pops out of her office to watch their girls train. Shahnaz, a 130-pound middle weight, and Soudabah, a 110-pound super light weight, sometimes work out together but don’t face off publicly.

“They spar every Friday in that ring,” says their mom, Yolanda Maoyedi, balancing their 4-year-old sister, Leila — already a yellow belt — on her hip. “But after they spar, they always hug.”

Although Soudabah and Shahnaz descend from Muay Thai royalty, they say do train for the love of the sport, not out of obligation. Muay Thai teaches them discipline. They’ve made friends at the gym. And none of their Northeast High School classmates would dare mess with them.

Shahnaz and Soudabah began fighting amateur matches about six years ago. Shahnaz’s record is 12-0, with two technical knockouts. Soudabah is 10-2, with one draw. The sisters have racked up title belts, trophies and spreads in their school newspapers. They’ll both fight Saturday at their dad’s semi-annual Muay Thai Classic in Tampa, and in November Shahnaz will head to Bournemouth, England, for a title match.

Fighting may be in their blood, but they still have to work at it. And Mehrdad is there to push them extra-hard.

“At home he’s our dad,” Soudabah said. That’s the guy who relaxes with his family at the beach, the park and The Pier. “Here, he’s our trainer.”

When the sisters are preparing for a match, they train every weekday for at least 90 minutes. Saturdays, they do sprints around Crescent Lake. And instead of the usual greasy teenage fare, the girls fuel up on protein shakes and an all-organic diet.

Mehrdad said his daughters have a lot to learn, but they’re on their way to following in his footsteps.

“They’re going to be nightmares, because I put all of my energy and knowledge in them,” he said.

Shahnaz wants to become a professional fighter. Soudabah isn’t sure about turning pro but plans to stick with Muay Thai for awhile. But both girls have other long-term aspirations. Soudabah wants to be an author; Shahnaz, a guardian ad litem.

No matter how wrapped up in charity or martial arts Mehrdad’s family may get, one thing remains the same.

“We still call him Dad when we’re here,” Shahnaz said. “It’s kind of hard to say like the other kids, ‘Master Mehr­dad.’ I tried once, and it didn’t even come out of my mouth.”

Master Mehrdad’s Muay Thai Classic XXI

The amateur mixed martial arts competition is Saturday at 6 p.m. at the USF Campus Recreation Center, 4202 E Fowler Ave., Tampa. Tickets are $10-$25 at or $15-$30 at the door. For info, call (727) 573-8589.

Master Mehrdad “Persian Warrior” with extensive experience in Korean arts, how come you are promoting ring sports such as Muay Thai?

Master Mehrdad - Shin Do Kumate - Combat Fight Sports - Persian WarriorPersian Warrior roots go back to a very competitive background. I have always been very spirited and interested to compete in different styles of fighting. As a young child I loved Bruce Lee movies and watching Mohammad Ali fights. I liked western boxing and I was mesmerized watching how Bruce Lee represented the fighting style of martial arts. Growing up I competed in wrestling, many champion wrestlers were from my hometown of Sari, Iran I also trained in boxing and Martial Art.. When I left Iran in 1984, I lived in Asia and more intensely studied the Martial Arts and Yoga and later moved to Holland where I studied Muay Thai. In 1992 I created my own fighting system, Shin Do Kumaté, which I found to be unique and more practical. It encompasses tradition, the philosophy of Martial Art, and the skillful fighting style in America that allows for effective strikes and techniques. Fighters must master multiple strikes: kicks, knees, punches, and elbows. They must not only execute these techniques non-stop, but also defend themselves from these strikes.

With vast experience both in traditional martial arts and fight experience, do you think traditional martial arts work in real situations?

Yes, but it is not always the art that determines the effectiveness. It is the individual who brings out the best in the art. That is always the determining factor. It is the competitor, their skill level, and their passion that determines the outcome. However, from my many years of experience in Hapkido – I can tell you Hapkido can be a very deadly art, but it is not an easy art to master and be able to use in real situations. It takes tremendous repetition, devotion and expertise to be able to execute in real situations. That’s why I implement the art of Muay Thai, and Persian wrestling into my martial art training to make the system much more practical and complete in all situation.

Tell me why did you start Shin Do Kumaté while there are many fight organizations already?

The Persian Warrior started Shin Do Kumaté in 2002 and at that time there were not many fighting organizations. I started amateur Muay Thai kickboxing back in 1995 in America that included children and adults when no other organization in Florida was doing the same. In addition, we are the first professional Muay Thai fighting organization in the history of Florida to hold a professional fighting event. We have also been appointed by the Florida Athletic Commission as an official sanctioning body for amateur kickboxing and Muay Thai events. I started Shin Do Kumaté because it was my desire to build a professional fighting organization without politics and to build the sport of Muay Thai using fight rules that allowed more action and techniques. I wanted to allow women fighters the opportunity to fight professionally and for titles. We were the first to take female Muay Thai fighter pro and Kate Meehan was pioneer for that mention. I also built this organization for global television. From the very first event in 2002, all have been produced for television and we now own a very large library of fight videos that is currently distributed throughout multiple media platforms worldwide.

How do you differentiate Shin Do Kumaté from other organizations?

I focus on skill, talent, spirit of fighter and matching the best of the best fighters. I look for A-Class male and female fighters from around the world who are able to bring their skills, as well as a building block to Shin Do Kumaté to help take the sport to new heights. We are working towards building the next top professional sport league in the world and my team and I put our hearts and souls into this effort and have made many personal and financial sacrifices for the sake of building this organization. Our passion, vision and niche separates us from others.

As a top promoter, what qualities do you look for in a fighter to sign them up to fight in your organization?

We look for star quality athletes with skill, good management/trainer, and fighters seeking to help reach our goals of building the sport and next biggest Muay Thai super star.

We all know about the popularity of MMA especially in US. Has it affected your association? Do you think MMA would take over kickboxing and Muay Thai? 

No, I believe it’s the other way around. Muay Thai will take over MMA and MMA has actually paved the road for us. I respect all fight promotions and fighters, but when I watch a fight – I want to see action, skill, technique, and a good fight between two high caliber fighters. I have great admiration for the original Mixed Martial Arts bouts founded by the Gracie family, but that is not what I see on television today. it’s rather more of a tough man contest or WWE with a punch. I believe Shin Do Kumaté will lead the way for combative sports very soon in the world.

What are some challenges that a successful promoter has to overcome to be successful in north America?

Support. We receive most of our support from television, but corporate sponsorship is a challenge. There is not enough support in North America for Muay Thai or for promoters wanting to build the sport professionally. We must also succumb to the politics and beurocracies of boxing commissions when this is not their sport. In North America, I believe boxing commissions should stick to boxing. It is unfortunate that combat sports outside of boxing must be overseen by boxing officials who have little to no experience in the Martial Arts.

What is in future for you and Shin Do Kumaté? What other goals do you want to achieve in life and business?

The future for me and Shin Do Kumaté is very bright. Since 2002, we have produced 15 professional shows for television and now have worldwide presence via multiple media platforms including networks license deals, PPV/VOD, mobile carriers, and more. We are soon to launch Strykerz® TV – which will house the library of all Shin Do Kumaté fights for the world to see. Currently, we are working with overseas venues to produce live Pay Per View events in partnership with television networks. We produced our first season of Shin Do Kumaté – Strykerz! – a weekly television series that runs for 13 weeks and currently airs in Florida markets on Bright House Sports Network, Central Massachusetts on Charter Media, and Canada on The Fight Network. Please look for this series to come to new markets very soon.

Master Mehrdad's Muay Thai Classic XXIII
Main Event
Dustin Robbins Malick Watson Smith 155-160Ibs (Title)

Dustin Robbins trains out of Crystal River, Florida
under Stefan ButinBik and Malik Smith trains
out of Chicago under Ricardo Perez. This was definitely the bloodiest
fight of the night. Dustin’s nose was bleeding after the first
round. Malick used amazing Muay Thai techniques to
execute multiple strikes all over his opponent.
Bloodied Dustin continued to press forward and challenge Malick but
it wasn’t enough. Malick won the fight by decision and gain
the WSDKA amateur lightweight title. This was a great final bout
and brought the crowd to their feet
throughout the whole bout.
Under Card Bouts
Aaron Estes Mohamed Fikry 170 lbs.

Estes trains under Master Mehrdad and Mohammed Fikry trains out Ali
and UFS in St. Petersburg. Fikry had an extremely unorthodox style
of fighting. It completely kept Aaron Estes off balance and he
was able to land strikes from all different angles. Aaron Estes
showed tremendous heart and landed some good punches, but Fikry fought
an excellent fight and was able to withstand any offense his opponent
threw at him. This bout went to decision which Fikry won unanimously.
Federico Dimante Juan Olmos 185-190

Dimante trains under Master Mehrdad and Juan Olmos trains under Gary
Swanson out of Michigan. This fight was the quickest fight of
the night after Juan Olmos landed a right straight to the jaw of Federico,
which floored his opponent and in his attempt to stand up lost his balance
and fell into the ropes. The referee had to stop the fight immediately.
This was a one punch knockout.
Curtis Boshears Antonio Alicea 150

Boshears trains under Gary Swanson and travelled from Michigan for this
fight. Antonio Alicea trains under Ali of UFS in St. Petersburg.
Curtis landed a lot of knees to Antonio’s
in the left thigh in the first round
and going into the final two rounds it was evident those knee strikes
left him hurt with the inability to
access his normal fighting style. Antonio
had to fight defensively and wound up losing a very hard fought decision.
Desiree Samson Amy Smith 145-150 (Title)

Samson trains under Master Mehrdad and Amy Smith from Chicago.Desiree from the opening
bell stomped on the gas pedal and dished out an unrelenting offense
that her opponent was not fit to handle. Desiree knocked her opponent
down a couple times by both punches and a knee strike to her opponent
which ultimately ended the fight as Amy Smith couldn’t get up from
that strike. Desire won by KO. And gain the WSDKA amateur middle
weight title
Tyler Gershowitz Nathan Hile 135-138

Gershowitz trains under Master Mehrdad and Nathan Hile trains under
Stefan ButinBik. Super fast paced fight.
Both fighters taking big risks throughout the entire fight.
Fight went to a split decision giving the win to Nathan Hile.
This is one bout we would all like to see rematched. Great non-stop
Ron Cranker Brandon Pressnell 170

Ron Cranker out of XFC and Brandon Pressnell Real Cage FightingRon came out with all the
energy and was definitely pressing all the action. It turned into
a blood and guts type fight as neither fighter would let down.
The referee stopped the fight twice because of what seemed to be
a shoulder injury on Brandon Pressnel; however, he shook the doctors
off twice and continued to fight. Pressnel through his opponent
to the ground in the 3rd round and Ron Cranker
was just out of gas and couldn’t continue the fight giving Brandon
a gutsy win by TKO.
Ryan Jury Joe Smith 135-140

Jury trains out of USA Muay Thai with Stefan ButinBik
and Joe Smith trains out of UFS with Ali Tareh’s Gym. Both of these
fighter where first time stepping into the ring and they show their
heart all the way, but at the end Joe Smith from UFS come out victory
by desion.
David Hollister Jessy Cross 185-194

Hollister out of Master Mehrdad’s Martial Arts and Jessy Cross out ofReal fast paced fight right
off the bat. Dave was able to land big punches and hurt his opponent
badly. Dave landed a huge upper cut that knocked his opponent
down and then landed another strong upper cut that knocked his opponent
out in less than one minute into the first round.
Avery Mcphatter Andrew Lichaciovas 165-170
out of XFC with John Prisco and Andrew out of
Team Toro Muay Thai train with Ricardo Perez
Avery great boxing. Easily dictated the pace of first 2 rounds
winning them both. However, his opponent came out and charged and pressed
all the action in the 3rd round, but it was
too little too late as a lot of damage had already been done and he
would have needed a knockout to win it. Avery Mcphatter fought
with a smile on his face the whole time on his way to a unanimous decision.
Victor Kulykavaski Adam Hilarie 145-150
out of Ali Tareh’s Gym with UFS and Adam out of Real Cage Fighting
school. This was Adam Hilaire’s first fight and you can tell Victor
Kulykavaski came out of his corner with more comfort and confidence.
Victor took round 1 but then in rounds 2 and 3 Adam came around and
dominated each of those rounds and coming out with the win by unanimous
Master Mehrdad's Muay Thai Classic XXIV

MKM Knockout Promotions, LLC proudly announces Sweat Wheat as the official sponsor for 2010 Master Mehrdad’s Muay Thai Classic events. These exciting events are filled with high caliber male and female fighters, music, go-go dancers, food and full stocked bars that together provide a night filled with fun and entertainment. The next Muay Thai Classic takes place on Saturday, April 24, 2010 from 7 P.M to Midnight at the India Cultural Center in Tampa, FL.

“We’re excited to have Sweet Wheat sponsor the 2010 Muay Thai Classics,” said Master Mehrdad K. Moayedi, CEO of MKM Knockout Promotions, LLC. “We thank them for their strong continued commitment to the ever growing sport of Muay Thai. I myself take Sweet Wheat and since starting the product have noticed a tremendous difference in the way I feel and I highly recommend the product to everyone and not just athletes. I’m excited to have such a great product to endorse as I wholeheartedly believe in the benefits of taking it and I’m just happy that we partnered with a sponsor that is such a great fit to our organization. Muay Thai athletes are very disciplined and health conscious, so Sweet Wheat is a perfect fit and we couldn’t have asked for a better partner.”

Sweet Wheat has also sponsored various fighters within the World Shin Do Kumaté Association providing them with optimum health products for endurance and stamina as they train for competition. Sweet Wheat products and representatives are present at each event to educate the general public of all the healthy advantages of taking the product.

The April 24 Muay Thai Classic is expected to attract an audience of 1,500. Tickets will be $25 for standing balcony club section; $35 for Floor Seating; and $50 for Ringside Seating. An official weigh-in and press conference will be held Friday, April 24, 2010.

About MKM Knockout Promotions, LLC:

MKM Knockout Promotions, LLC is a Tampa Bay-based fight promotion producing international amateur and professional Muay Thai fights for television. Productions include Shin Do Kumaté, Master Mehrdad’s Muay Thai Classics, and the Shin Do Kumaté Strykerz Television Series, which is now in its third season of production. Founded in 2002 by Master Mehrdad K. Moayedi, MKM Knockout Promotions has invited world renowned male and female fighters from around the world to compete in its events. All events are produced for television and distributed to global markets for Pay Per View, Video On Demand, and Cable. Territories include the U.S., Canada, New Zealand, Romania, Albania, Russia, Mexico and Africa.

About Sweet Wheat, Inc.

Sweet Wheat Organic Wheat Grass products provide optimum nutrition. As a food, wheat grass juice provides an extraordinary balance of all the nutrients vital to good health and well-being. Throughout all of recorded history, wheat has been the king of grain foods, the “staff of life”. Wheat grass juice, made from the young grass stage of the wheat plant, has an extremely high nutrient concentration that cannot be found in the mature wheat plant, making wheat grass juice a super food. Even people with allergies to wheat can use wheat grass juice, as it contains no gluten at this dark green, leafy vegetable stage of growth. Wheat Grass Juice is known to increase and sustain energy naturally, detoxify and cleanse the body, balance the body’s pH level, and strengthen the immune system naturally. For more information, visit

muay thai

WYNDSTORM CORPORATION AND STRYKERZ.TV ANNOUNCE PARTNERSHIP. Wyndstorm and have joined together to form the biggest Muay Thai, Shin Do Kumaté and Martial Arts community available online

SAN FRANCISCO, CA (May 12, 2010) – Wyndstorm Corporation, a company of “Social Media Architects,” who specialize
in building social experiences for clients have joined forces with to form the biggest Muay Thai / Shin Do Kumaté and Martial Arts community online. is the brainchild of Shin Do Kumaté Heavyweight Champion Master Mehrdad and seeks to provide fans with live-streaming and PPV Muay Thai and Martial Arts fights. Muay Thai and Martial Arts fans will finally have a destination to connect with other fans and receive up to date information on industry news.

Muay Thai originated with the Thai people and far east as a hands-on, close combat style used on the battlefield.
The art form is engrained within the traditions of Thai lifestyle and has passed from generation to generation. It has been a combat style and beloved sporting pastime for six centuries. Steeped rich in tradition, today’s Muay Thai warriors continue to practice this century’s old, skillful fighting style. Once only a favorite pastime of Thailand, Muay Thai is quickly gaining a massive base of devoted fans and fighters from around the globe. The distribution of Shin Do Kumaté is also growing at a record speed due to the extraordinary caliber of male and female fighters and explosive knockout bouts. The Shin Do Kumaté brand was formed by Master Mehrdad and is currently the world’s leading professional Thai Boxing event produced for television.

Master Mehrdad who has practiced traditional Martial Arts, Muay Thai and Persian Kushti Kaj his entire youth founded
his own traditional professional fighting organization in 2002 and amateur Muay Thai Classic event in 1995 in a quest to bring together the most skillful fighters and masters. Master Mehrdad is thrilled to be able to partner with Wyndstorm to build a stronger community among Muay Thai and Martial Arts Fans. “Wyndstorm offers a unique solution I haven’t
been able to find elsewhere,” said Master Mehrdad. “Their combination of web development expertise and smart community management and social media marketing is going to provide a haven for Muay Thai and Martial Arts fans.”

“Wyndstorm could not be happier to announce a partnership with,” said President and CEO of Wyndstorm, Marian Sabety. “ will showcase our ability to take a client to the next level via our community management and social
media marketing expertise.”

For additional information about and Master Mehrdad visit For information about upcoming fights including Master Mehrdad’s Thai Classic XXIV fight on Saturday, May 15th visit or call (727) 573 – 8533.


Strykerz.TV (www.strykerz.TV) is the online presence for MKM Knockout Promotions, LLC. MKM Knockout Promotions, LLC is a professional and amateur fight promotion and entertainment company. It was formed in 2002 to promote all Shin Do Kumaté fighting events, which are held 6 times per year. The Shin Do Kumaté brand is the world’s leading professional Thai Boxing event produced for television. Owned and operated by MKM Knockout Promotions, LLC and headquartered in Clearwater, Florida, Shin Do Kumate fight programs feature six events annually on Pay Per View and Video On Demand through cable and satellite providers. In addition to its pay television platform, Shin Do Kumate fight programs are distributed throughout the world in multiple international markets such as New Zealand, Australia, Germany, England, Korea, Israel, Romania, Africa, Middle East, Canada, and South America. The distribution of Shin Do Kumate is growing at record speed
due to the extraordinary caliber of fighters and explosive knockout bouts.

About Wyndstorm Corporation

Wyndstorm Corporation is a company of social media architects who provide integrated social media experiences for clients that range from non-profit advocacy organizations to boxing syndicates. Wyndstorm primarily develops web-based applications that include gaming, wireless messaging, social network deployment, social media marketing, online consumer entertainment and large-scale consumer marketing programs. Wyndstorm continues to stay on the forefront of technology by advancing their technical capabilities constantly. New advances include talking avatars, streaming video, 3-D virtual worlds, user-targeted multi-media push, music/video downloading, and ASCAP royalty tracking. These capabilities are what effectively make Wyndstorm three agencies (advertising, public relations and marketing) in one. Wyndstorm Corporation trades on the OTC Bulletin Board under the symbol WYND. For more information, go to

FFC Sponsor

St. Petersburg, Fla. — Soudabah Moayedi always knew she wanted to be like her dad, Master Mehrdad Moayedi.

“He says when he put me in the crib to sleep and he would go in to work out, I would crawl out of the crib and he’d find me punching the walls,” Soudabah said.

Now instead of punching walls, she’s beating up on any and all competition in the light heavyweight division of Shin Do Kumate, which is a version of Muay Thai martial arts.

Moayedi Sisters

Moayedi sisters fight for family name - Shin Do Kumate

Master Mehrdad created the Shin Do style and is passing along his knowledge to his two daughters, 17-year-old Soudabah and 15-year-old Shahnaz.

“When you get asked about (learning from dad), you do take a step back and you look at everything he has accomplished in his life,” Shahnaz said. “We do. We follow his footsteps.”

“You know you’ve trained with the best Martial Arts and Muay Thai master,” Soudabah said. “No one can ever say you didn’t train with a good master.”

Shahnaz says she wants to pursue a professional fighting career.  Soudabah is taking the wait and see approach. Regardless, the sisters are making their dad proud by dominating the fighting style he made famous Travis Bell, 10 Connects Sports.


Master Mehrdad's Muay Thai Classic XXIV - Amateur Muay Thai

Sweet Wheat & MKM Knockout Promotions – Present 12 exciting Muay Thai Fights

Muay Thai Classic XXIV

You can watch all these fights on Pay Per View and become Strykerz Here: Strykerz TV


Bout # 1- Preston Styles 15 year old from Master Mehrdad’ s Martial Arts and Fitness only trained Muay Thai for 2 month with Master Mehrdad’s Kickboxing gym with some minor prior experience in Boxing. Wins his fight by decision against MMA fighter Devan Kidd from XFC, with wrestling and grappling background. This was a great bout with a lot of exchanges and Preston dominate the fight by Martial Arts kicking techniques which almost knockout his opponent. This was a exciting with high energy and both fighters did very well.

Bout # 2- Eric Brown From Master Mehrdad Muay Thai Gym, took this fight on 3 day notice against Carlos Gutierrez from Action Fight League. Eric Brown won the fight by knockout and put up a very smart and techniqual fight as a true warrior.

Bout # 3- Soudabah Moayedi 17 year old, fight was against the fighter Sally Braddon 25 year old from Chicago, IL with Team Toro Muay Thai. Sally was great fighter with a good record of 8-1-0 / 4. This match was the one of the best fight of the night with some hard boxing and kicking exchange form both and Soudabah came out with some hard body shot and double kick combination. This was a fast paste fight from begging to the end.

Bout # 4- Shahnaz Moayedi 15 year old fight against Natalie Yip 27 year old won the Championship title. Natalie Yip from Canada, train with Grandmaster SUCHART one of the respectful Muay Thai trainer in the world. And this was North American Lightweight title fight for WSDKA of Master Mehrdad’s Muay Thai Classic XXIV. These two female Muay Thai fighter came out with power and had one thing in their mind to win that title. Shahnaz use her powerful leg kick, and her superb boxing skills which made Natalie Yip bleed from the nose but Natalie never give up and keep pushing and showing her heart. But in the end Natalie Yip could not keep up with 15 year old young Muay Thai boxer because of her hard kick and punches.

Bout # 5- Desiree Samson one of the Master Mehrdad new and exciting Thai boxer who is currently making a name for herself in female kickboxing world and this was her fight number 4 and her 3 pervious fight end up in KO. This time she had very tough and well experience fighter name Margaret Mrozwiecz. She also from Canada and train at the same gym that Natalie Yip train at. Margaret Mrozwiecz came very hard and did very good by scoring some great kick against Desiree, but Desire came back by some fast and hard boxing skills which her opponent did not except also Desiree start catching all Margaret Mrozwiecz shin-kick follow by counter punch. This was a good match for both and they show heart and skills but in the end Desiree Samson won the fight by majority decision.

Bout # 6- Mario Hurtado from master mehrdad fighting school with record of 1-0 and his last fight was July of 2009 and had few month of lay off from training. And his match was against a very good Muay Thai fighter Malick Smith from Team Toro Muay Thai gym under the Ricardo Perez. Malick came out very strong at first but find out very quick that Mario is great fighter with some good counter techniques as well, so he start fighting a bit smarter in next round but Mario did not have any more gas in his tang but still he perform very well against such a young 17 year old fighter and with great fighting record. Mario lost on decision but at last he compete against a very good fighter.

Bout # 7- Gaines Slocum vs. Lloyd Walton it was a main event non title fight which end with quick knockout. Walton won the fight with Ko.

Bout # 8- Andrew Lichaciovas vs. Avery Mcphatter. This was a rematch bout. Both fighters previously fought in February at the MMMTC XXIII where Avery McPhatter won by decision. Andrew Lichaciovas is from Chicago and Avery Mcphatter is from Tampa. Avery Mcphatter won match again against Andrew by decision.

Bout # 9- Alyssa McNabb vs. Brittannie Collins – Both of these fighters train out of the Tampa Bay area. This fight was Alyssa’s 2nd fight and Brittanie’s debut. Both fighters fought their heart out and brought the audience to their feet. Alyssa dominated the clinch movement, which is a very important element in Muay Thai techniques and won the fight by decision.

Bout # 10- Daniel Shelly vs. Joseph Cintron – Daniel Shelly is from Tampa, FL and Joseph Cintron is from Miami, FL. This was an exciting bout that went the distance. Joseph Cintron won by decision.

Bout # 11 – Troy Taylor vs. Luis Rodriguez – Troy Taylor is from Tampa, FL and Luis Rodriguez is from Miami, FL. Both fighters threw great exchanges taking the fight the distance. Troy Taylor won by decision.

Bout # 12- Warren Holder vs. Sammy Rodriguez – Both fighters are from Tampa Bay, Florida. Sammy Rodriguez has an amateur MMA background where he prominently fought using grappling techniques and this was his Muay Thai debut fight where he could only use striking techniques. Both fighters threw great exchanges but Sammy Rodriguez dominated the fight and won by decision.
Zebra Mats

World-Renowned Muay Thai Fight Promotion to Promote Zebra Mats Globally

Zebra Mats today announced that it has signed a one-year sponsorship agreement with the world renowned Muay Thai fight promotion MKM Knockout Promotions, LLC. Through this relationship, which officially began on July 1, 2010, Zebra Mats will appear in MKM events and campaigns and be marketed by the company to promote the Zebra Mats brand throughout the world. Master Mehrdad Moayedi, the CEO and founder of MKM Knockout Promotions, LLC personally endorses Zebra Mats
throughout his Martial Arts training career and fitness center, and will draw on his keen interest in the safety and durability of the product to actively collaborate in their promotion.

“As a global leader in the martial arts flooring industry, Zebra Mats is delighted to welcome MKM Knockout Promotions as a ‘brand ambassador’ who can reach and connect with audiences around the world,” said Chuck Blanski, Founder and CEO, Zebra Mats. “MKM’s televised programs have legions of fans representing diverse cultures and interests, and are especially popular in the Muay Thai and traditional Martial Arts industry. The organization is uniquely positioned to introduce a wide range of Zebra products that suit new and old generations of Martial Arts schools and practitioners. With this campaign, we are extending an exclusive discount to any clients that mention Shin Do Kumaté with their purchase.”

Chuck Blanski is a pioneer in martial arts flooring and has been influential in the industry for over fifteen years. Zebra Mats is recognized as a top quality mat for all martial arts disciplines and has been the mat of choice for many major competition tournaments and seminars nationwide such as ATA National Tournaments, Arnold Martial Arts Festival, Disney Martial Arts, Gracie BJJ World Championships, Aiki Expo, US Open Judo, and USA Judo Junior Olympics.

“I am thrilled to have the opportunity to represent Zebra Mats and its products,” said Master Mehrdad. “I am a long-time business owner of Martial Arts schools and promoter of fighting events, and am looking forward to the opportunity to introduce and brand such a high quality product that is safe and robust. As we embark on a new schedule of televised events within the U.S., and then distribute the programming worldwide, Zebra Mats will receive the recognition and branding that will be seen by millions of fans for years to come through the rebroadcast and continued distribution via its multiple media outlets.

As a traditional martial artist, professional fighter, and martial arts dojo owner since 1992, Master Mehrdad is working hard to bring industry support to the sport of Muay Thai and all disciplines of Martial Arts, as it is very important to unite supporters for the sake of growing the sport in North America. Master Mehrdad has a passion and desire to help children around the world and uses his television programming to endorse Fighting For Children, Inc., a nonprofit organization he supports via all events.

About MKM Knockout Promotions

MKM Knockout Promotions, LLC is a leading producer of amateur and professional Muay Thai fighting events titled Master Mehrdad’s Muay Thai Classics and Shin Do Kumaté. All events are produced for television and distributed via multiple media channels worldwide. Founded in 2002 by Master Mehrdad Moayedi, the company has entered into global territories providing media content to millions of homes around the world. MKM is uniquely positioned to be the leading sports and entertainment company in North America, as it is the only organization producing striking fighting events for television in the U.S.

Zebra Mats Signs Sponsorship Contract with

MKM Knockout Promotions, LLC

MKM website: / Zebra Mats website:

Sweet Wheat - Shin Do Kumate -Brightcore Nutrition - MMA Fighters

Organic Nutritional Wheat Grass Making a Revolutionary Healthy Impact in the world of Muay Thai and Strikers

My name is Master Mehrdad Khan Moayedi and I am an 8th Dan Black Belt.  My history in the Martial Arts goes back 40 years, learning traditional fundamentals under the greatest Grand Masters from around the world.  17 years ago I started teaching traditional Martial Arts in the Tampa Bay area and have since developed my own unique style of Martial Arts under my organization World Shin Do Kumaté Association, Inc.  In 2002, I founded an international fighting sport “Shin Do Kumaté that is produced for television and distributed worldwide.

Growing up in the Far East provided me the privilege of eating a very nutritious and organic diet. I have lived in the West for the past two decades where it’s very hard to eat properly with our fast paced lives and the lack of nutrition in my body was frustrating because I was not accustomed to this lifestyle.  As a very active individual, my body craved nutrition and no matter how healthy my diet or how many supplements I tried to fill the void, it was not enough because as an athlete I needed more than what I could get from food or a protein shake.

As a professional fighter with a rigorous training regimen, I do not believe in putting creatine, steroids, performance enhancements, or anything in my body for a quick fix.  I am too old schooled for that and I only seek nutrition in its purest form.  That is why I was so happy I came across Sweet Wheat, a wheat grass nutritional supplement of the purest form.  And of all the wheat grass supplements I have found, Sweet Wheat is the only product I have found that can be ingested at a point where it provides the most effective results and I can feel it immediately and it’s effects are long-lasting because it contains the nutrients my body needs.  I feel rejuvenated and energetic all throughout the day.  Even my daughter says she noticed my legs are more defined than ever since I started Sweet Wheat.

I believe in this product so much that my company has partnered with Sweet Wheat and I strongly recommend it to all my athletes that I personally train to take the product daily, including my family.  I proudly endorse Sweet Wheat and urge all people, whether you’re an athlete or not, try this product.  I promise you will feel the difference in your body and be well on your way to a healthier life.

Sweet Wheat and Fighters Testimonial – Shin Do Kumate

My name is Soudabah Moayedi and for over 13 years I’ve been training and fighting in the art of Muay Thai as well as traditional martial art training under my father Master Mehrdad. With an amateur record of 12-3 and current holder of the 2007 Master Mehrdad Muay Thai Classic Lightweight Champion. I was constantly looking for supplements that would give me energy; since my family is also very health conscious we wanted something natural that would be good for us. I take Sweet Wheat every morning and for the rest of the day I have the energy I need. It gives me my full energy potential in the gym too where I need it the most when I’m training for a fight. Before I was able to do five rounds on the bags then two sparring then two more on Thai pads or focus mitts. But I would be huffing and puffing and wouldn’t be able to go at it to my fullest potential, just enough to get me through it and I didn’t want that. I wanted to go through the rounds and not feel like I was dying afterwards. With Sweet Wheat I’m able to do all that and still have some energy left over. Sweet Wheat not only has given me more energy but it’s also made my muscles more toned and defined. I have Sweet Wheat to thank for my focus and new found energy and would recommend it to anyone.

Travelle Mason – Light Heavyweight (2009) IKF and (2007 & 2008) Master Mehrdad’s Muay Thai ClassicI Champion.

I am an athlete and train 6 days a week as a Muay Thai fighter, and I feel it’s important to provide my body with the best quality foods and supplements.  I wake up in the morning and start my day off with a prayer, a multi-vitamin and a teaspoon of Sweet Wheat to fuel me for my 6 mile run.  Since starting Sweet Wheat, I have noticed my energy level go up and my timing has improved significantly.  I take the powder and its easily dissolvable.  My preference is taking it with grape juice and my body absorbs it right away.  I definitely recommend this product to athletes, and especially to those who don’t get enough vitamins and minerals in their body by food alone.

Gaines Slocum – Muay Thai Amateur Fighter from Master Mehrdad’s Martial Arts & Fitness

I’ve never been the type who puts much stock in the endless array of supplements available to athletes today.  When it comes down to it, very few of them provide any long term benefit.  They simply churn them out so quickly that you can’t possibly keep up with the validity of the endless new product claims.  Sweet Wheat is one of the few products that I’ve come across that I feel lives up to its claims and then some.  For long term development, I’ve always found that proper nutrition and ample rest were the only two components outside of my workout that truly affected my progress.  So when I find a product that helps with the absorption and utilization of the fuel I’m already putting into my body, I’m sold and Sweet Wheat does just that.  The first thing you will notice when taking it is increased regularity.  This will soon clear out build up and toxins enabling you to absorb more of the nutrition you are already trying to get into your body.  Soon you will notice an increase in energy levels throughout the day and a quicker recuperation during and after your workouts.  Really a great product, almost like you are cleaning the fuel injectors of a car, in that you are able to burn your fuel more efficiently and get a better gas mileage out of what you put in your body after routine use of the product.

My name is Shahnaz Moayedi, I am a fifteen year old Muay Thai fighter with an amateur record of  14 wins 1 loss and 1TKO.  I’m not your average teenage girl.  While training for a fight I’m in my father’s gym six days a week; ( my training including lifting weights, sparring, hitting the bags, working the Thai pads and boxing the focus mitts. With all the training and my everyday school work, my body needed more than just protein shakes to keep from crashing, and to shutting down.  About a month ago my dad started my sister and I on a supplement called Sweet Wheat. A pill we would take in the morning to keep us focused at school earlier in the day, and energized and strong while we worked out in the evening. Sweet Wheat not only helped my internally, but externally as well. I started to notice within the first week how my arms became more shapely and also how muscular and strong my legs were. I thank Sweet Wheat for giving me the tools to become a better fighter and a better student and I will continue to recommend this excellent product. For more testimonials check out

My name is Desiree Samson. I am 27 yrs old Female Amateur Muay Thai Fighter. I train daily @ Master Mehrdad’s Muay Thai. I am always looking for something to give me that extra edge while training and throughout the day. A week before my last fight, my trainer Master Mehrdad introduced me to a product called Sweet Wheat. I have tried lots of different ways to make my weight on many occasions. I started taking Sweet Wheat 4xs A day For about three days. Between eating healthy and Sweet Wheat I am here to tell you I lost 5lbs in that time period. Not only has Sweet Wheat helped me with my weight. I have noticed my energy level rise, as well as my stamina and endurance.

Apart from being a Muay Thai fighter I am a Journeyman Carpenter Local 140 Tampa, And a Maintenance Tech for PCHS. My trade requires me to use my hands a lot. Always handling different types of materials. This cause a lot of wear and tear. Cracking, Dryness, Cuts, Slivers. ECT. Whenever this happens which is often i mix my Sweet Wheat with water like a paste. Place the Sweet Wheat on effected area and instantly Sweet Wheat starts to work. The pain latterly goes away! I have watch this product heel my skin almost completely in about an hour.

Sweet Wheat is truly an amazing product. I would not only recommend Sweet Wheat to Athlete’s or People working in a Trade, But to everyone! I think there is something about this product that can offer something to every type of person. Don’t just take my word for it. Try it for yourself and u will see!

WSDKA Muay Thai and Kickboxing Sanction Event

Amateur Muay Thai fight event was full of exciting and passion filled matches and non stop action that had the viewers at the edge of their seats. The matches were all about full contact extreme KO Action. This fighters weren’t happy with just tapouts, they were going for the big knockouts. The event took place on October 10 at the Charlotte Harbor Event Center at 5:30pm. This amazing event was sanction by WSDKA and presented by the House of Samurai/Dragons Lairs MMA.

Event Poster for Fighting Event in Charlotte Harbor Event Center


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